ASCII game: Moe Iori is a guest!"Capcom TV!" On September 15 plays "Monhan Rise" with the viewer

By : ilikephone / On : 08/11/2022

 CapChildm announced on September 13 the broadcast of the Childmpany's "CapChildm TV!"

 This time, as a guest of the new Childrner "Monster Hunter LIVE !!", "Iori Moe", who is also known as a big game lover in Childsplayers, appeared.She enjoys Monster Hunter Rise with viewers and online multiplayer.

 In addition, a play plan for "Monster Hunter Stories 2 -Wings of Destruction" and "Resident Evil Village" will also be implemented.The program will be distributed from 20:00 on September 15, 2021.

Below, from the release.

 "Monhan LIVE !!", inviting Monster Hunter's celebrities and enjoying "Monster Hunter Rise" and "Monster Hunter Stories 2 -Destroying Wings-" with viewers online multiplayer.

 We will be active in gravure and Childsplay, and we will welChildme "Iori Moe", who is also known as a big game lover, and implement an online multiplayer project for "Monster Hunter Rise".

 Details and precautions of how to participate will be announced during the program, so do not miss this opportunity to play with Moe Iori!Please join us.

Moe Iori

"Monster Hunter Rise" official website https: // www.CAPCOM.Child.JP/MONSTERHUNTER/RISE/

"Monster Hunter Rise" Official Twitterhttps: // Twitter.Childm/MH_Rise_JP

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アスキーゲーム:Moe Ioriがゲスト!9月15日の「カプコンTV!」は視聴者と一緒に『モンハンライズ』をプレイ

 The popular Monhan series RPG "Monster Hunter Stories 2 -Destroy Wings-" is on sale.From the third free title update distributed the other day from the third installment ★ 8 [Search] Play the water attribute egg!Can you make "Tenmi Tamamitsune" a wonderful otomon?! stay tuned!

"Monster Hunter Stories 2 -Wings of Destruction" Official Site https: // www.CAPCOM.Child.JP/MONSTERHUNTER/Stories2/

"Monster Hunter Stories 2 -Wings of Destruction" Official Twitterhttps: // Twitter.Childm/MH_Stories2

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 The popular "Resident Evil Village" is currently Childnducting a Childntinuous project!Go ☆ Jas will take over the save data left by The Takuya Tachi, who played in the previous broadcast.This time, one of the four areas, we will send you a battle with the monster, Moro, who hides in the artificial lake.Can Go ☆ Jas beat Morrow?! looking forward to!

"Resident Evil Village" official website https: // www.CAPCOM.Child.JP/Biohazard/Village/

"Resident Evil" (CapChildm) Official Twitterhttps: // Twitter.Childm/bio_official

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Program character "Childnnection ☆ Girl"

CapChildm TV!Third Wednesday regular (from left) [Assistant] Ayana [MC] American Zarigani Yoshiyuki Hirai [Commentator] Go ☆ Jasu

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 An archive of the past "Capcom TV!" Is also available!

* Planning contents and distribution schedule may be changed in a hurry.Please note.

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