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By : ilikephone / On : 21/10/2022

Mozilla has announced that it will end the support of Firefox browser on Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show on April 30.After the end, there is no security update, and you cannot reinstall after uninstallation.If you set Firefox to the default browser in Echoshow, you will be guided to the Amazon Silk browser when you try to start it.

In 2017, Google ended the Youtube service to Amazon Echo Show, and then raised the official YouTube app from the Fire TV.This is considered to be retaliation that Amazon has refused to sell Chromecast and Nest Hub, a Google product competing with Fire TV and Echo Show.

However, Amazon was provided with Firefox in response to Mozilla in response to access to YouTube from a web browser as a measure to regenerate YouTube on Fire TV.In 2018, Firefox has also appeared on Echo Show.

However, at the same time as Firefox, Amazon has begun to provide Silk browser (ironically based on CNROMIUM), which significantly reduced the need for Firefox as a YouTube playback application.Google has returned the YouTube app to Fire TV in 2019.Since the YouTube app is not yet provided for Echo Show, the two browsers have been providing a way to see YouTube on the Amazon smart display.

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エンガジェット日本版 Mozilla、Fire TVとEcho ShowへのFirefoxブラウザ提供を終了へ。役割はSilkが引継ぎ

Mozilla may not feel the need to continue supporting Fire TV and Echo Show.If you don't have Firefox, if you want to see YouTube on the Fire TV device, just select the default browser Silk.

Source: Mozilla

VIA: Android Police