Garmin INSTINCT 2, Sola power generation enhancement and Suica "Kill Switch"

By : ilikephone / On : 30/01/2023

Instinct 2/2Sシリーズ(一部)

Garmin will release the outdoor GPS watch "Instinct 2" series on February 11.In this article, we will introduce photos of the actual machine, the evolution points from the previous model "Instinct", and the highlights of the product.

The Instinct series is a series of outdoor features in Garmin's GPS watch.It also covers full -fledged outdoor sports, including climbing from casual outdoor.It is characterized by the sturdy of MIL specifications, and it is a series that provides a long battery with a lineup of solar power generation.For military and surfing, a model equipped with a dedicated function will also be available.

Instinct 2 Dual Power Tactical EditionInstinct 2 Dual Power Tactical Edition Coyote Tan

In the 2nd generation of Instinct, the "Instinct 2S" series, which newly reduced the case diameter, is added.In both series, a basic model that does not support solar power generation and a "Dual Power" model compatible with solar power generation will be available.

ケース径40mmのInstinct 2SInstinct 2S Poppy

Solar power generation strengthens

The biggest evolution point of Instinct 2 is that the performance of "Dual Power" corresponding to solar power generation has been enhanced.Increasing charging efficiency by improving the efficiency of the newly developed solar power panel and IC, the power consumption can be supplemented by solar power generation in smart watch mode, and the battery life is unlimited.

However, there is also a condition for solar power generation.It is "3 hours under the conditions of outdoor 50,000 -traveling conditions all day."The 50,000 -travel brightness is equivalent to the sunny winter and the cloudy sky in summer.If you spend a long time outdoors such as camping, it can be said to be true.

However, as a long life battery, smart watch mode can operate up to 28 days without solar power generation, and has sufficient operating time as a smart watch/GPS watch.GPS + optical heart rate monitor mode, which consumes a lot of battery, can be extended by 18 hours by solar power generation, and can operate up to 48 hours (2 days) in total.

Also, even when the battery is gone and the power is turned off, if you leave it in a bright place, you will be charged by solar power generation, and you will be able to turn on the power without USB.Depending on the condition of brightness, it seems that the power can be turned on by several hours of charging.

ガーミンInstinct 2、ソーラ発電強化やSuicaなど大幅進化「キルスイッチ」も

The solar power panel is the black part around the display.Used as a set with a coated GORILLA GLASS DX.

Dual Power対応モデル(右)は文字板上に「DUAL POWER」と表記される

Display, Suica, VO2 MAX

The display resolution has improved, reaching 176 x 176 dots for Instinct's 128 x 128 dots.The characters are slightly displayed, but they are slightly displayed.The small Instinct 2s is 156 x 156 dots.


All 15 models of Instinct 2/2s can be used to support Suica and use non -contact payments.Settings are required in cooperation with smartphones to use.For Dual Power -compatible models, it also supports payment methods (credit cards) other than Suica, which supports Garmin Pay.

In addition, the calculation function of VO2 MAX (maximum oxygen intake) is newly installed.This corresponds to the fact that a runner who is interested in the Instinct series emphasizes the VO2 MAX function.


Surf Edition, wind surfing compatible

Wind surfing has been added to the activity as a new feature of Surf Edition.The height of the jump can be recorded, and the travel distance and speed can be recorded.

By linking with the smartphone app, you can also use the Surfline Sessions, a service that allows you to shoot the waves that you can take with a surfing spot with a fixed point camera.

The feature of Surf Edition is that it can record the number of surfing waves, speed, and travel distance.It also supports the display of the tide table at the current location and any point.

Surf Edition

Tactical Edition, a kill switch when you are taken prisoner

The Tactical Edition has newly added a "kill switch" that erases all the data in the clock and reset all of the data in the clock, which is used when it is captured by enemy forces.You can start by pressing the "Ctrl+Set" (button on the upper left and lower right) at the same time.

The feature of Tactical Edition is that it has a full -fledged military function, stealth mode that can turn off GPS, night vision mode that makes backlights low -brightness so that it is easy to see when using a night goggle, and to the target point during Sky Dive.It is equipped with a jump master function that navigates the down route.

Equipped with an alarm function that can set only vibes without making noise.The display of location information can be displayed not only in latitude and longitude, but also for the grid code "MGRS" used in the US and NATO.The display of MGRS is compatible by all Instinct series models.

It is said that Tactical Edition is also sold at the Ground Self -Defense Force PX, and is well received by the SDF person who wears it.