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2015/11/07 07:00

"Cheer -dollar" (ABC Television), which aims to be athletic and cheerleading idols from "underground idols" that cannot be sold to save the crisis of office bankruptcy, is November 7 (Saturday, Saturday, on Saturday. ) The fourth episode will be broadcast. The story of the fourth episode is finally determined the schedule of the SPARKS debut live. Tashiro (Takashi Nishina) will take the job of distributing announcement villas at the live venue of "Kemono Survival Idol" Safari for advertising. Members, who know the badly reputed Safari in the industry, were terrified against Safari, saying, "Her attitude is the worst, and the meaning of carnivores is wrong ...". Meanwhile, a new song for SPARKS comes up, but Tashiro tells you that the lyrics have not been completed yet, and Misaki (Megumi Mizoguchi) suggested, "Would you like to write the lyrics of the song with the members?" However, only the savings of Kanae (Funa Asakura), who agree with the lyrics costs, are not an island that can be attached to the professional. Still, the cape, who is still irritated, asks the reader Juria (Reina Mashita), "Please write the lyrics," but she decides, "I specialize in reading and do not assert myself." On the day of Safari's live without the completion of the song, Safari was a sexy costume with an animal -pattern tube top and hot pants, and Safari was a live performance that provoked and fascinated the audience. Sparks, who should have come to live announcements, are overwhelmed by their power. After the live, many fans gather under Safari members who started selling CDs and photos, and the goods sell like flying. "Is this a system that can be done with an idol? I don't want to study." Despite Kanae, who is interested in the sales of the product, the other members distribute the SPARKS live announcement villa to customers. The incident happens after such a sales sales. At the venue where the event is over, the members of Safari who continue to rant to fans, Juria, who can no longer be patient, raises her voice and says, "If you are an idol, let's take care of it, fans." 。 However, she did not get sick, and she said, "Fans are money!" The event venue turns around and looks like a muddy catfight.

「Cheer ☆ dollar」毎週土曜夜0:45-1:15ABCテレビで放送■PC【HP】■スマートホン【HP】■niconico動画【Cheer ☆ dollar チャンネル】

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Cheer ☆ dollar

Performer: Funa Asakura Yuna Iida Kizumi Kuwazawa Natsuki Fujimoto Reina Mizoguchi Moroguchi Morgan Morgan Morgan