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By : ilikephone / On : 22/09/2022

Did you know how to delete countless emails that occupy a large amount of storage?You can delete all emails all at once, but it's hard to delete them one by one.

This article describes how to delete multiple emails from the Gmail receiving tray at once.

Procedure to delete a large amount of emails at once

Most email platforms provide e -mail filters, so you can use them to organize the reception tray.

However, adding a filter does not mean that unnecessary emails will not be entered in the reception tray.The only option that can be executed in this situation is to delete unnecessary emails.

The procedures for deleting a large amount of emails from the Gmail receiving tray are as follows:

  1. Gmailの公式ウェブサイトにアクセスします。
  2. 有効な認証情報を入力してアカウントにログインします。
  3. 左側のサイドバーを使用して「受信トレイ」タブに切り替えます。
  4. 「更新」ボタンの左側にある「選択」ボタンをクリックします。

Five.A prompt indicates that all 50 emails on this page are selected.Select all the primaryidomain emails.

6.Click "Select all emails in the primary" to continue.

7.Next, click the Delete icon to delete all emails from the inbox.

lifehacker LifeHacker LifeHacker Gmailの不要なメールを一括削除する方法

8.Select "OK" to confirm the selection.

You can also use the Gmail search function to find emails you want to delete from your account.For example, to delete all emails sent from a specific email address, search the email address using a Gmail search bar.

Next, follow the procedure mentioned above to delete all emails from the receiving tray.

Delete unnecessary emails and manage Gmail's inbox

With Gmail, you can easily delete emails from your account, so the receiving tray will not be messed up.You can easily clean up the receiving tray by deleting all unnecessary emails in the receiving tray.

Google provides enough storage to the user's account, but if spam and promotional emails are scattered on the reception tray and space, you need to open it.

Fortunately, you can delete such emails at once, so you can easily open storage space and receive more emails.

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