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Effective use of space saving!Features of PROBASE GEN2

◉ The PC work environment is refreshing comfortably by providing accessories and keyboard storage space!We are particular about simple and stylish designs, and familiarize in any room.

◉ Only one USB-C port connection on the PC side can be connected to three USB devices at the same time!You can transfer data at a speed of up to 10Gbps.

◉ MicroSD / SD card slot, 4K60Hz video output, and even smartphone screen projection, so it is easy to check data on a large screen!

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A long -awaited new work that is very popular with overseas crafts!

In 2017 at the American crowdfunding site Kicstarter

About four years from "PROBASE STAND", which gathered support from, a long -awaited new work "PROBASE GEN2" has been developed!

It fits clearly in the space saving!Stylish design

If you work on a laptop, large screen monitor, smartphone, and more devices on the desk, each wiring tends to be messed up ...

Furthermore, there is stress that the USB port is not enough and it cannot be charged.

PROBASE GEN2 is a surprising item with a simple design that looks like a normal PC stand at first glance, and has a casual and diverse function.The following seven ports are installed on the right side of the stand.

Even if you connect up to three USB ports at the same time, you can connect to a device such as a PC with a single connector, so you can always be in a refreshing work environment without worrying about the wiring!

Anyway fast!SuperSpeed+USB3.1 GEN2 10Gbps transfer

I spend a lot of time transfer to data every time ... I solve such troubles immediately with Probase Gen2!Each USB port allows the transfer speed of up to 10Gbps.

・ MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2019) ・ Probase Gen2 ・ Sandisk E80 SSD

4K60Hz video output is possible

I want to check images and videos on a large screen ... It is difficult to see with the screen of the notebook PC alone ... Probase Gen2 allows you to mirror a large screen in no time just by connecting a cable corresponding to the 4K HDMI port on the right back.。

It is also possible to project a smartphone screen, so you can easily share various devices.

The keyboard fits under the stand with a accessory container!

MicroSD cards can also be stored, so you can always keep the minimum required items nearby when working on a PC.

There is a drawer -type saucer on the left side of the stand, so you can store pens, notepads, and sticky notes often used during desk work.In addition, since the keyboard is designed under the stand, when the PC work is completed, the area around the desk will give a refreshing impression.

Excellent durability with durable material

The simple and stylish design that draws a smooth curve is highly recommended for minimalists!The main material of the stand is made of aluminum and manufactures with a sturdy and durable structure.

It can be charged with a maximum of 100W power while transferring data!

There is also a USB-C Power Delivery, which can supply up to 100W power, so you can charge pass-through while working on data transfer.There is no worry about "Charging is going to disappear even though it is in the middle of data transfer ..."!

High -speed Gigabit Speed Ethernet Connection

The use of an Ethernet port allows data to be transferred more safely and is more reliable than wireless networks.You can add the best interface for use at home and data transfer in a small office.

Do you have such a problem at desk work?

I would like to charge the device at the same time while looking at photo data and conference materials, but there is not enough connection cable port.

✅ There are a lot of wiring, and the desk is messed up.

I want to work in a refreshing space like a minimalist.

。 I have been suffering from stoops, back pain, and stiff shoulders in a long desk work.

✅ I only have a laptop computer, but I want to work on a big screen.

If you have PROBASE GEN2, the area around the PC is refreshing!Desk work in a stylish and stylish space is possible!The rounded beautiful and simple appearance fits in rooms with various taste.

A big success in such a scene!

I want to write on the notebook while looking at the reference materials on a PC that I want to use a PC to study for testing and study for qualifications.But the desk is narrow and I can't spread both ...

If you have PROBASE GEN2, just store the keyboard under the stand and secure the notebook space!!While looking at the computer, you can write to the notebook in front of you!There is no need to close the PC first and open the notebook.

✳ I want to see the photo data saved on the pc on a large screen.Uh?If you want to look back on the big screen when you want to look back at your family and look back, "What happened to an adult", "The birthday has come", "What was your birthday?"increase.

PROBASE GEN2 also supports 4K60Hz video output, so you can watch photos and videos on a large screen.

Product Summary

◇ Connector

USB-C (cable length 80cm)

◇ Connection

・ USB-C Power Delivery (up to 100W) x 1

・ 4K HDMI (up to 60Hz) x 1

・ USB-C 3.1 GEN2 (up to 10GB / s) x 1

・ USB-A 3.1 GEN2 (up to 10GB / s) x 2

・ SD card slot (UHS-II) x 1

・ Micro SD card slot (UHS-II) x 1

・ Gigabit Ethernet (10/100 / 1000Mbps) x 1

◇ Size

530 (L) x 225 (W) x 66 (H) mm

◇ Keyboard storage size

420 (L) x 210 (W) x 40 (H) mm

◇ Weight: 1.3kg

◇ load capacity: 15kg

◇ Material: Aluminum Steel Plastic

◇ With manual

◇ Compatible models

・ 3840 × 2160 full function for 60Hz: MacBook Pro (15 inches, 2017 or later), MacBook Pro 16 inches, MacBook Pro (13 inches, 2020), MacBook Air (2020)

・ 3840X 2160 with 1080P or 30Hz for 60Hz: MacBook Air (2018-2019), MacBook Pro (13 inches, 2016-2019), MacBook Pro (15 inches, 2016)

・ Other products with USB-C Gen2 ports or TB3 ports with full function

◇ Country of origin: Taiwan

* Wiring is not included.

About return


Q and MacBook?A, yes.We will support products with full function USB-C Gen2 ports or TB3 ports.

Q, Can I use this stand on a notebook PC with Windows10?A, yes.You can also use Windows10 notebook PCs with full function USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 3).

Q, Is it possible to connect the iPhone12 and charge data and charge it?A, yes.Data transfer with USB-C port (maximum speed 10Gbps/second) and USB charging are possible.It does not support fast charging.

Q, Will it work on the iPad Pro?A, yes.These functions work on iPadPro, but Probase Gen2 requires a USB-C power supply (61W or 96W MacBook PRO charger, etc.) to supply power to the USB port.

Q. Is the cable connecting MacBookPro (or other notebook PCs) and Probase Gen2?A, yes.We will include a cable with a total length of 80cm.

Q, is it compatible with MacBook Air 2018?A, yes.ProbaseGen2 is compatible with MacBookAir2018.However, since the USB-C charger of the MacBook Air is 30W, it is not enough to charge the MacBook Pro at the same time and supply power to the USB and HDMI ports of Probase.

Q, Is it possible to connect the USB-C terminal connection monitor directly?A, no.The only monitor terminal that can be connected directly to Probase Gen2 is the HDMI terminal.

Q, will Mac mini fit below it?A, yes.Mac mini2018 can fit under ProbaseGen2.However, a complete PD function (supplying power to the USB and HDMI port) requires a MacBook Pro USB-C power adapter (61W / 96W).

Q, USB3.Does 1Gen2 10Gbps support any USB device?A, m.2 Supports and supports NVMESSD and all other USB devices.

Q, USB3.Can I use a notebook PC with output directly with Probase Gen2?A, no.Designed for laptops with USB-C port output (Thunderbolt 3).

Q, When connected to MacBook Pro, does the product get hot?A, Probase Gen2 is devised to provide space on the substrate to distribute heat on the arrangement on the circuit board.In conclusion, it feels a little warm from under the stand, but it doesn't feel hot.

Q, is the color only silver?A, you can choose from two colors, silver and gray.

Q. When will the return arrive?A. We are planning to ship within 3 months after the project (mid -August to early September 2021).

Q, How can I deliver the product?A, we will ship from the domestic delivery center.(Yamato Transport or Japan Post will be scheduled)

Q, Is there a warranty?A, you can receive a one -year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.


Monitormate is dedicated to the development of a sophisticated stylish design and durable monitor stand every day.Although it is a small team, designers, product engineers and marketing experts are working together to create items that make your life more comfortable.So far, five products have been sold, and many people have evaluated the excellent design.This time, in addition to its excellent design, we have developed a product that incorporates new functions and ingenuity that can be more comfortable during desk work.We provide high -quality products using discerning materials and manufacturing methods.

Project inventor

PROBASE GEN2 (Probase Gen 2) Japan, the Japanese agency BLOEMEN, is a company that runs an online shop that colors your life.

We want to deliver colorful products to your daily life through the Internet."Let me realize what I should do and help me with a rich life."Everyone who is involved smiles.]

We use such thoughts as a corporate philosophy every day.It is our wishes that everyone who is involved will have a rich smile and coloring through new products we will deliver.We will continue to provide products and transactions that will satisfy you, and will continue to contribute to the local community as a mission.Thank you for your support.

Risk and challenge

* We cannot accept returns or refunds other than initial failure. The manufacturing schedule is currently adjusted by the number assumed to succeed, but if the number of support exceeds expected, the delivery will be delayed due to the unavoidable circumstances in the manufacturing process or the unavoidable circumstances associated with the delivery work. There is. * Depending on the monitor environment, the color of the image may look different from the real thing. * If you receive support from those who exceed your assumptions and enhance the mass production system, the selling price may be lower than the planned price. * Parallel imports may occur. Please note that personal imports other than regular may not be completely prevented. If there is a change in the content listed on the project page, we plan to share it in the activity report. We will respond with all the team members so that everyone who picks it will be pleased, so please support us.