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By : ilikephone / On : 19/05/2022

Mobile phones can also be used in iD and Mastercard franchise stores.

"T currency" can now use magnetic stripe settlement using "T card", bar code settlement using "mobile T card", settlement of "payment in T currency" that hangs on terminals such as smartphones, online settlement of card numbers entered into Mastercard through online shopping, etc. According to the settlement method, different stores can be used, which are simply summarized in the following table.

With regard to "pay with T money", Android smartphones can only be used in iD franchise stores, while iPhone and Apple Watch can also be used in Mastercard contactless franchise stores. For iPhone and Apple Watch, it can also be used in online stores that support Apple Pay.

In addition, in these settlement methods, in addition to the "T card", it needs to be used in the "T-point application". According to the contents of the procedures, sometimes call charges are generated through telephone number authentication. The Mastercard card number is issued automatically when you go through the formalities of "pay with T money".

T-spot can also be used to recharge.

The use of "T currency" requires recharging in advance, and the balance is capped at 30,000 yen. There are five main ways to recharge: cash, credit card, Paidy, T points and T currency gift card. Cash is the storefront of the T currency franchise store (except some), except online.

Cash can be recharged in units of more than 1000 yen and 1000 yen, and payment can be made by showing "T card" or "mobile T card".

The recharge of the credit card can only be used for T cards with credit function (some are not restricted). The unit above 3000 yen can be recharged, and the automatic recharge and 1 tap fee can be set.

The fee for later payment can be used through "Paidy next month payment". There is a system handling fee of 300yen each time. However, for the total monthly recharge paid later (excluding the system fee), since there is a T-point for every 200 yen, in the case of a recharge of 30,000 yen, the system fee is essentially half price.

シーンで選ぶクレジットカード活用術(164) かざして支払いは10月まで20%還元! Tマネーの新規登録キャンペーンを解説 | マイナビニュース マイナビニュース マイナビ

Units of more than 3000 yen and more than 1000 yen can be recharged, and the total amount of the current month's recharge will be paid before the 10th of next month. Payment can be made from three ways: account transfer, bank transfer and convenience store payment. if it is an account transfer, it is free of handling fees. Bank transfers sometimes require a transfer fee from a financial institution, while convenience stores require a payment fee of 356 yen.

T point is 1 point = 1 yen, which can be recharged in 1 point. During this period, the fixed T point can only use the T currency as the "T point recharge limit T point" of the destination.

The T-currency gift card can be recharged when entering the PIN number printed on the back of the card. T-currency gift cards are sold at TSUTAYA, family convenience stores and Welcia (excluding some stores), and TSUTAYA can choose from 3000 yen, 5000 yen and 10, 000 yen. T-currency gift cards sold in family convenience stores and Welcia can be purchased at a specified amount of 1 yen between 3000 yen and less than 30, 000 yen.

In addition, there is "purchase top-up service". The purchase amount of games, CD, books, Trekas sold in TSUTAYA and the purchase amount of ENEOS graduation FIT Sunlight can also be received through the recharge of T currency.

"pay with T money" new registrants repay 20% before October

The "T currency" deposits a T point for every 500 yen relative to the total amount used each month. It has nothing to do with the settlement method, such as 1200 yen for iD franchise stores and 1800 yen for online Mastercard franchise stores, totaling 3000 yen and accumulating 6 points.

In the case of a T-point cooperative store, the T-point is stored as a different shopping point. For example, in a family convenience store, if you prompt for "T card" when shopping, you usually save 1 point for every 200 yen, so in the case of 1000 yen for shopping, use 2 points for "T currency" and 5 points for "T card" prompts. Total 7 points.

At present, "T money" is carrying out activities to save up to 1200 points. There are two steps. First, log in to "T money Brush payment" for the first time before September 30, 2021, and inadvertently 200 points will be given in mid-October. In addition, if you log in as "payment in T currency" before July 31, 2021, it is not the object of this activity.

Users who have completed the first step will reduce their use of "pay with T money" (including the use of online Mastercard franchises) by 20% by October 31, 2021. Because it is usually a 0.2% restore, it is actually 100 times. The period is capped at 1000 points, which we will give in mid-November.

The 20% restore also includes the normal use point. In general, 0.2% is the normal T point, and 19.8% of the validity period is only used for the balance recharge on the last day of December as the "T point charge limit T point". That is, in the case of "payment in T currency" of 5000 yen during the period, the usual T-point product is 10:00 and the "T-point recharge limit T-point" deposit. When using 5500 yen, the score is usually 11 points, and the "T-integral recharge limit T-integral" is 989 points.

At present, T points can not only be used to pay in T points cooperative stores, but also recharge "T money" for investment, and the scope of use has been greatly expanded. If you have any remaining T points, you might as well make good use of such promotional activities.


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