Sharp of Android smartphone No.1 with overwhelming share, popular reasons heard at the sales floor (BCN) --Yahoo! News

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Sharp of Android smartphone No.1 with overwhelming share, popular reasons heard at the sales floor (BCN) --Yahoo! News



圧倒的シェアでAndroidスマホNo.1のシャープ、売り場で聞いた人気のワケ(BCN) - Yahoo!ニュース

Sharp's latest smartphone AQUOS WISH

 According to the BCN Ranking, which aggregates POS data from electronics retailers and online shops nationwide, the manufacturer of the smartphone with Android OS (base OS) in 2021 (January to December) was sharp.This is the fifth consecutive year.The annual share of 21 years is 24.At 3 %, the difference is about twice as the second place.What is the overwhelming background?We heard stories at the site of the consumer electronics retailer where the user decides to purchase.Sharp was constantly running on the monthly share of Android smartphones in 21 years.Samsung increased share in May and October, and OPPO gained share in July and August, and Sony, 4th, was so steep that it would reach 20 % in November, but Sharp went in September and October.Except for more than 20 % share, it was performing well.The popularity is the "AQUOS SENSE" series, which covers the middle range from the entry.Opened by Android smartphone models.1 is "AQUOS SENSE4 BASIC". The second place was FCNT (formerly Fujitsu Connected Technologies) "Rakuku Smartphone", and the third place was "AQUOS SENSE3 BASIC", and models that emphasized cost performance in the 20,000 yen to 40,000 yen were gained popularity. The mayor Shigehiro Mochisai, who is in charge of the mobile phone corner at the BicCamera Shinjuku West Exit store, said, "As we switched to remote work, users in their 30s and 50s are purchasing as a sub -terminal for work. I use it for work. So I am conscious of reducing prices without seeking high -performance models. " Regarding specifications that users who value cospa are required, they tend to emphasize "usability". Check items such as waterproofing and dusten performance that can be used with peace of mind in a moist kitchen or washroom, and FeliCa compatible that makes movement and shopping comfortably. If you are a user who switches from the feature phone, it will be a source of judgment whether the operation is easy to understand. If you visit a store with a couple or family, you may buy the same terminal because you can support each other when you do not know the operation. However, the more the price is reduced, the more difficult it is to compare with performance. Among them, the reason why Sharp gains popularity is brand power and necessary and sufficient use. "Many people know AQUOS on LCD TVs. There is a momentum to support and support Japanese brands," he said, analyzing that the sense of security cultivated for many years has led to the purchase. Regarding the performance, the sales volume of 21 years by model is No.."AQUOS SENSE4 BASIC", which has become 1, is a large capacity of 4,570mAh and a long lasting battery and about 5 energy -saving performance..Equipped with 8 inch IGZO LCD display.The product was released in 20 years.It has waterproof, dust, and impact resistance, and can provide convenient living, such as "cooking while watching recipes in the kitchen" in addition to work.As a successor, "AQUOS SENSE6" appeared in November 2001."AQUOS WISH", which was sold in January 2010, is expected to take over that idea.About 5.The 7 -inch screen is compatible with HD +. Equipped with an outdo -out function that makes it easy to see the screen outdoors. It has fingerprint authentication that AQUOS SENSE4 BASIC, as well as waterproofing and dust, allows you to unlock smoothly even with a mask. Equipped with a variety of functions, such as "intelligent charge" that reduces the burden on the battery so that the same terminal can be used for a long time, and "Pay trigger" that can launch your favorite app. On the other hand, users who seek specifications rather than prices pursue the camera performance, the image quality of the display, and the high processing capacity. Among them, many users who buy a model of 100,000 yen or more tend to come to the store after deciding what to buy in advance, such as being a fan of the manufacturer or purchasing a product of the same brand for a long time. Say. In the high -priced range, brands such as Xperia and Galaxy are also popular. Specialized functions and unique designs are popular. Sony's high -end model "Xperia 1 III" is about 6 for the world's first 4K 120Hz HDR compatible camera, in addition to cameras that make full use of the technology of the digital single -lens camera α series..It features a 5 -inch organic EL display.In particular, the camera function is real -time tracking and real -time pupil AF, and the moving subject can be beautifully photographed.February to March is a season when many people buy home appliances for new life.The smartphone market gradually began to rise, and it peaked in April, when the new life was ready.Sharp, which meets the difficult needs of "can be used firmly even at reasonable prices", is NO for the sixth consecutive year.The challenge has already begun, whether it shines in 1.* "BCN Ranking" is a POS database that collects and aggregates actual sales data such as personal computers and digital home appliances from major home appliances retailers and online shops nationwide.(Case) is covered.