A large amount of gold sleeping in Japanese mine, manual demolition of the Tokyo Olympics in the gold medal of Nagoya

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日本の都市鉱山に眠る大量の金、手作業での解体 東京五輪の金メダルにも 名古屋の企業の取り組み

 At the Beijing Olympics, the Japanese, who have been active every day, have won the highest medal in the Winter Olympics. Last year's Tokyo Olympics were the highest number of medals ever. In fact, the raw materials of the medals of the Tokyo Games are involved with Nagoya. Medal of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. What was the raw material ... "Metals are extracted from used personal computers, etc." All of them were made of metal taken out of the ended personal computer and smartphone. The center of the project to make medals from small home appliances metals was a recycle company headquartered in Nagoya. Behind the project is the circumstances that Japan has. "Used small home appliances are said to be 650,000 tons per year, but they are almost reclaimed with non -combustible or oversized garbage. In mobile phones and personal computers that are no longer needed. , It contains a lot of useful metals and is called urban mine. "(Linet Japan Group Director Toshio Nakamura) Urban mines contain precious metals and rare metals in spent small home appliances. It is called a mine in the city. According to the Ministry of the Environment, "gold" is asleep in Japanese urban mines, comparable to 16 % of the world's natural brewing volume. The amount of money that can be collected from one ton of the natural Kanayama is about 5 grams, but the money that can be collected from one ton of mobile phones is about 280 grams. Comparing the Japanese mine in Japan and the dose of the world's natural resources in the world, Japan will be the world's largest resource country.

Home appliance recycling becomes SDGS

A substrate collected from small home appliances, etc. It is a valuable resource

 The Linet Japan Group has been conducting a small home appliance recycling business since 2014. It is said that the amount of home appliances requested for recycling has increased by about twice as the infection of the new Corona has expanded. The reason is? "Under the corona, the time was still long, so the cleaning up in the house has progressed. I think that more people have replaced them with new personal computers." After erasing data, home appliances are dismantled and sorted parts, and resources are extracted from boards. In the process of manually dismantling, SDGS's philosophy of "no one will be left" is being carried out. "Since PCs contain a lot of resources, they are all handled by hand. We have people with intellectual disabilities in the form of general employment in the decomposition work." Group Director Toshio Nakamura) They say that reusing urban mine as resources requires each us. "After all, the environment is not only what we do now, but we must continue to do it in the future. It is important to clear each and every issue, but one person is one. I do my best, one company is not working hard, but I need a circle of cooperation. I want to do my best to expand such a circle. "(Linet Japan Group Director Toshio Nakamura) (February 18th 15:40 ~ Broadcasting -From Tele "Up!")