NHK Plus to provide apps for TV. NHK Reiwa 4th year business plan-AV Watch

By : ilikephone / On : 05/11/2022


NHK has announced its income and expenditure budget, business plan, financial plan, and Internet utilization business implementation plan for FY2022. In addition to providing simultaneous delivery at all broadcast times in principle on NHK Plus, we will start a TV service that allows you to watch missed programs on TVs connected to the Internet.

In 2021, NHK Plus, a simultaneous online & missed delivery service, has been simultaneously delivering about 19 hours a day for both general TV and E-TV. The tele will be delivered simultaneously for about 19 hours. Temporary registration will also be put into operation, and for a limited period of time, it will be possible to use it before entering information to confirm the subscription contract. However, a message prompting you to register appears momentarily.

NHK Plus to provide TV app NHK FY2020 business plan - AV Watch

For TV, we will provide a new NHK Plus official app, which allows you to use terrestrial TV missed programs on some TV receivers and external devices using Android TV, Fire OS, etc. and In addition, we will expand the delivery of missed programs such as 18:00 news and provide programs for local areas.

As for the Internet-based business, in addition to providing applications and websites combining broadcast programs and information to promote understanding, expanding the Internet distribution of international television broadcasts for foreigners, providing various contents, and providing Japanese people overseas Simultaneous distribution of international television broadcasts for TV broadcasters and enhancement of distribution of missed programs will also be carried out.

Business revenue in FY2022 was 689 billion yen, and receiving fee revenue decreased 1.3 billion yen from the previous year to 670 billion yen due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Business expenditure is also 689 billion yen, and we will work to reduce the scale of expenditure through structural reforms in order to reduce the reception fee and reduce the number of satellite waves by one in FY2023, and achieve a balanced budget.

In the second year of the NHK Management Plan (FY2021-2023), we will strengthen broadcasting and services for a "new NHK-likeness." In addition to expanding regional broadcasting and services, such as contributing to the resolution and development of local issues, in order to reduce operating expenses, we will promote the conversion of the business model from "visiting sales" to "non-visiting sales."