[Under 30,000 yen] Fascinated by the Ultra Slim case that embodies the beauty of Scandinavian (Vague) --Yahoo! News

By : Ilikephone / On : 21/09/2022

[Under 30,000 yen] Fascinated by the Ultra Slim case that embodies the beauty of Scandinavian (Vague) --Yahoo! News



A thin slim collection that fits in the suit style

 Although the number of people who use smartphones instead of watches has increased, watches are indispensable on the business person's skill. [Image] Looking at the ultra rim collection of the burring (5 pieces) There are also outdoor and sports tastes style, and these days are often seen with voluminous clocks such as diver's watches to suits. However, the fact that a heavy and thick clock is also stressed on shirts and jackets, sometimes feels stressed. Aside from the spring and summer shirt style, if you want to make your outfit smartly, you can't miss the elegant clock in a thin case. For example, how about the "Ultra Slim Collection" of the up -and -coming watch brand baleing from Denmark? It is a collection that shines in Scandinavia, such as a thin slim case, a minimal dial, and a mesh belt that allows you to enjoy the excellent feeling of wearing and good quality.

【アンダー3万円】北欧の美しさを体現するウルトラスリムケースに魅了される(VAGUE) - Yahoo!ニュース

A pair watch where you can enjoy casual link coordinates

● Functionality that satisfies everyday needs and timeless beauty. Baying was founded in 2010 by Denmark's adventurer Rene Kelskov in the link with his partner. The sophisticated design seems to be Nordic, but the source of the design is that there is a mysterious and healing nature, such as frozen climate and aurora floating in the sky. The new Ultra Slim Collection (part number 18740-307 / 23,650 yen, consumption tax included, the same hereinafter) is impressive with the coloring of navy and silver reminiscent of the frigid sea and iceberg. A thin case with a thickness of only 6 mm, with a diameter of 40mm, and a navy mesh belt that combines the dial and color fits the wrist supple. In this case, it does not interfere with the cuffs of the shirt. Because of the lightness unique to the quartz model, you will not feel stressed by the weight at hand. In addition, this model has changed the hour marker from a conventional bar index to Arabic numbers. In addition, the visibility is enhanced by devising the inner periphery, such as having an index for chopping. In addition, it is also a good impression that it has the functionality that satisfies the need in everyday life while being modest, such as second hand and date display. It is also surprising that the reasonable price of the first half of the 20,000 yen is realized while focusing on the quality of the material and the finish. By the way, this new model also has a 29mm diameter ladies watch as a collection with the same image (part number 18729-307 / 12,450 yen). This is a bar index to match the compact dial, and the crystal set as an accent is charming. The sharp three needles with the tip are shaped, complement the beauty of the dial color, and also contributes to the improvement of visibility. The timeless time piece that can be attached to the body regardless of the universal design and a clean coloring is a feeling that it will be a great partner of a business person who lives in the modern era. The good appearance will be pleased with the gift to your partner. ● Product specification / price: 21,450 yen / 23,650 yen (consumption tax included) ・ Case diameter: 18740-307 / 40mm, 18729-307 / 29mm ・ Case thickness: 18740-307 / 6mm, 18729-307 / 5.5mm ・ Case: Stainless steel / Movement: Quartz / Windshiing: Sapphire glass / Strap: Stainless steel mesh / Waterproof: 3 atm

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