What cm is the best distance to the face?How to get along with a smartphone that is hard to become "tired eyes" | Time & Space by KDDI

By : ilikephone / On : 23/11/2022

I usually use a smartphone and say, "It's hard to see."For example, watching SNS on a commuter train, and suddenly looking inside the car, it is difficult to focus.Or the next morning when I was hooked on a fluffy game at night, my eyes were rumbling.It may be difficult to blink or congested.

These seem to be "tired eyes".For 10 years since my smartphone came out, I found an interesting data if I thought that many people would have used it for a long time.

This is the data of the "Media Fixed Point Survey 2019" surveyed by Hakuhodo Media Environmental Research Institute.This graph is the "time series of time series of media total contact time".The time series is arranged in chronological order how the time we are in contact with the media.

※メディア総接触時間は、各メディアの接触時間の合計値。各メディアの接触時間は不明を除く有効回答から算出。※2014年より「パソコンからのインターネット」を「パソコン」に、「携帯電話(スマートフォン含む)からのインターネット」を「携帯電話/スマートフォン」に表記を変更※タブレット端末は2014年より調査出典/博報堂DYメディアパートナーズ メディア環境研究所による「メディア定点調査2019」より抜粋

顔との距離は何cmがベスト? 『疲れ目』になりにくいスマホとの上手な付き合い方|TIME&SPACE by KDDI

The "dark blue" part of the graph represents "smartphone/mobile phone".About 6 compared to 2008, which is said to be "smartphone first year".6 times.It has increased by 100 minutes per day.Even in the last three years, it is loaded about 10 minutes each year.No other media has such a growth rate.

That's why I asked an ophthalmologist, "Is it tired if I use too much smartphone?"Can smartphones affect the eyes?How to deal with your eyes tired?How do you get tired of your eyes with your smartphone?

This time, I heard the story of Dr. Hiramatsu, an ophthalmologist who continues to actively transmit everyday care.He has been involved in the latest research on glaucoma treatment.


Well, is smartphone a cause of tired eyes in the first place?"Certainly there is a tendency. Smartphones have a smaller screen compared to personal computers and tablets, so the distance to the eyes tends to be closer. This alone can accumulate fatigue in the eyes."

So what kind of symptoms do "tired eyes" refer to?"Because fatigue is not a medical term, there is no strict definition. Generally, it is a generic term for eye fatigue," I feel fatigue in my eyes. "

According to the teacher, the symptoms and causes of "tired eyes" can be roughly classified as follows.