When I digged the business card for the past 20 years with "ScanSnap", I finished scanning all in less than 2 hours.

By : ilikephone / On : 28/01/2023

Only one thing that should be prepared before scanning the mountain of business cards

 According to PFU, there are tips for efficiently incorporating business card scan data into Scansnap Home.That is, the front and back of the business card are aligned.

 In ScanSnap Home, as shown on the "Managing Business Card" profile screen, the "orientation" of the business card can be recognized and rotated automatically.For this reason, even if the business card design is vertical or horizontal, or if you do not have the left and right and heavens of business cards, scanning together will be recognized and rotated automatically.On the other hand, because the front and back of the business card are recognized and the order is not automatically replaced, so if you do not consider the front and back of the business card when installing it in the paper tray, the company name and name are as expected.It doesn't recognize.


 In addition, the "business card / receipt guide" attached to the SCANSNAP IX1500 paper tray is just the right shape to set about 10 business cards in terms of thickness.Therefore, when scanning, instead of setting the paper -feed tray directly from the mountain of business cards, 10 business cards are prepared (not necessary to have a top and left and right and left and right) as preparation.I did it in separate.After that, if you set these 10 business cards on the paper feed tray, set, set, and repeat scanning, the work will proceed smoothly.

下準備として、名刺の表・裏を確認しながら、10枚ずつに分けていった。写真は、ひと山が100枚(10枚×10セット)給紙トレイには、名刺の裏面が手前になるようセットする。こうすることで、「ScanSnap Home」が名刺の表面を表面とみなし、そこに書いてある情報を会社名や氏名として認識するようになる


 As a result of proceeding with the scanning work, I was prepared for a day before I started scanning the amount of business card exchanged in about 20 years after I got this job.It took less than two hours.The scanned business card was a total of 1036, which was not enough to be prepared for 20 years.The pace is about 10 minutes per 100 sheets, but most of this time is the work of the business card back and the front of the business card, and the scan processing itself is fast.If I was a type of person who keeps the back and front of the business card, it may have been less than half of this time.

 After all, the image quality is scanned with a default setting with a large file capacity, and the file capacity of 1036 business cards is 241MB.Even if there were thousands of business cards, it was not enough to worry about (because it was 20 years, it was about 20 years), it would have been a problem in the default settings (howeverAfter scanning thousands of sheets at a stretch, I was working for a day just to match the front and back of the business card).

 Finally, the accuracy of the OCR you are worried about is, for example, the company name is "E -Be JR City", a talented talent, "鰄 鰄 鰄 鰄 鰄 獣 獣 獣 鰄 鰄 鰄 鰄 際 際 際Please contact me, such as "Please contact me", the fatal misunderstanding that I can not imagine is that there are only 35 out of 1036 cards (by the way, "GMO is" GMO ".Pepabo Co., Ltd. "Adobysse Systems Co., Ltd.", "Japan Broadcasting Association").

 In addition, despite the fact that the company name and organization name were listed, there were about 30 out of 1036, such as "(company name) _ Nagasawa Shigeru".In many cases, this pattern was generated in the business card described in the logo, not the character font, but the company name and organization name.

 In any case, if the probability of incorrect recognition is about this level, checking and correction work will not take much time to digitize the accumulated business card at once.It is not so easy to check and modify the address, department, position, etc., but if you only have the "company name_ name" properly, it is enough to find it later.This time, I needed to digitize the mountain of business cards at a stretch, but I think it was the correct answer using the Scansnap IX1500.

今回はローカルPCの「ScanSnap Home」でスキャン画像ファイルを保存・管理するやり方で行ったが、保存先としてクラウドストレージも設定可能だ。ただし、保存できるのはスキャン画像ファイルのみというところが多い。PFUによると、「ScanSnap Home」のように「名刺情報」とスキャン画像ファイルを紐付けたかたちで保存したい場合は「Evernote」が対応しているという。このほか、名刺管理サービスの「Eight」とのクラウド連携にも対応しているAmazon.co.jpで購入: