Spring "Moving Refugee" recurrence or transportation driver shortage revival ... If you are busy, you can get 100,000 yen?

By : ilikephone / On : 02/02/2023

There is concern that the moving refugees will recur this spring (Getty Images) * The photo is an image.

There are concerns that the "moving refugee" will recur before the spring transfer and the entrance season.Regarding reservations from late March to early April, when the number of moves peaks, there are cases where the moving company refuses to estimate as soon as possible.The shortage of human resources in the transportation industry, which had a feeling of dust after expansion of the new colon virus infection, is likely to occur again, and it is likely that a moving date cannot be set as desired.On the other hand, there are long -term "drop -out" movements among companies, and big data analysis has shown that the number of people who moved last spring has decreased.However, if you are planning to move in front of a new life that is imminent, it seems to be worth considering a strategy to reduce the cost by shifting the busy season.[Graph] The price of moving in March and April is about twice as different as other times.Men in Tokyo, who are planning to move in late March in late March, read the e -mails received from the moving company in late February and read the texts received from the moving company in late February.Taka "Taka" crossed my head.It seems that the accumulation of the abdomen that could be reserved on the desired date in one month to move.In the end, I got nothing to ask another dealer, but it was a moment of a hiyari."Moving refugees" have become a hot topic around the spring of 2018 before Corona.Combined with the concentration of moving in the spring and going on to school, and the long -term trend of driver in the transportation industry, the cases where they could not move on the desired date attracted attention.It has been said that the tightness of supply and demand has become gentle after the corona, but the Art Moving Center says, "The demand for relocation decreased in the spring of 2020 after the new Corona is recovering and there is a possibility that moving refugees will appear. Our company.The number of moving reservations this spring is 1 in the spring of 2019.It is expected to be tripled. "■ Relatulence of refugee issues, which is gradually driver shortage, is expected to be expected due to a sense of lack of drivers in the transportation industry.According to the junctionary survey of the truck transport industry that the All Japan Truck Association has been doing every three months, all carriers who answered "shortage" in a survey from the October -December FY2019 -FY021 fiscal year ended.13.8 %, "Somewhat lacking" 41.It was 3 %.Total 55.The result is that 1 % of the carriers feel a shortage of manpower.In the transportation industry, 64 in the October -December period of 2019, just before the new Corona evil.The situation is that 0 % feels a labor shortage.As a result of significant restrictions on economic activity due to the spread of the new colona, the ratio of carriers in the April -June quarter was 34..It was down to 5 %.However, as a result of the penetration of vaccination, more than half of the carriers have been short of labor again since the July -September fiscal year, given that economic activities have begun to move worldwide.I'm worried about the spring moving season.The All Japan Truck Association explains, "I think that the reservation for moving this spring is the same as the quantity, but the lack of drivers will not be easily resolved, so it will not be the situation of labor shortage."do.On the other hand, the number of "moving people" decreases, while the change in work styles, which has been expanded in the expansion of the new colona infection, will affect the long -term trends in the moving demand.NTT stated in September 2021 that it would penetrate a way of working that would not be necessary to transfer or transfer alone as part of a measure to change to a new management style.JTB, a major travel giant, can work on telework based on the area where he is registered as a base for life, even if a personnel transfer to a business that requires relocation is also issued in October 2020.The work system has been introduced.There are also interesting surveys based on big data on moving trends.Zenrin Datecom announced in July 2021 that the number of people who moved in the spring of 2021 has decreased by about 18 % as a result of analyzing the location information of the mobile phone GPS (satellite use positioning system).It is estimated that there is a "home" in the area where the most stayed from the location information per month, and the number of "moving people" that changed the area where the home was changed as of February and in April is the result.■ If you avoid the busy season, you can save money, but as a whole tends to reduce the movement of people, but if you do not solve the supply of driver's shortage, concerns about moving refugees will smolder.In addition, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has also taken measures such as requesting companies to dispers the personnel transfer period in an attempt to relieve the moving period from late March to early April.For those who move, even if the desired date is the desired date, spring moving has a large economic disadvantage.According to a survey based on 5 years of data to 2021, an A -team, which operates the moving fee estimate comparison site, "Moving Samurai", is about 150,000 to 200,000 yen if you move with your family in March.。It seems that it was about twice the cost of the period except for the busy season of spring.It is expected that this spring's moving season will be particularly crowded from March 19 to April 3.The All Japan Truck Association says, "It is the same as traveling when it is crowded.


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