[Danger] fraud SMS [important notices from au] I checked the amount of usage ...

By : ilikephone / On : 07/09/2022

From the end of last month, this month, a short message (SMS) has arrived one after another that "[Important notification from au] has exceeded the amount set. You need to confirm."It has arrived at that.

If you have a fraudulent site in the future and tap it carelessly, you may be financially damaged.

Some men who are au users say, "I was lost in the SMS that arrived from the regular au, and for a moment I thought it was a real thing, and I was about to tap it. I'm scared."

At the end of last month, I tried to tap the URL that arrived at this man.Unfortunately, this site was already gone.Apparently, the expiration date of the scam site seems to be about a week.

Next, yesterday, I tried to tap the URL of the SMS that arrived at the woman.

Then, the screen of "System warning! Malware has been detected".

It is prompted to press "Scan", so I will press it.

Then, this time, a screen entitled au Mobile Security will appear.

If you press this "repair" button and proceed, you may not be able to go ahead, as the illegal application will be installed and the smartphone will be hijacked.

Until now, there were many cases where the message of the courier was asked to deliver the luggage, "I took it home because I was absent."If you tap the URL and proceed, you will be encouraged to install an illegal app in the case of Android, and in the case of the iPhone, enter your ID and password.In any case, a smartphone will be hijacked and you will suffer financial damage.


The same is true for this short message that uses this au, and someone's phone number has been sent as a stepping stone.

So I decided to call the source phone number and ask how I was damaged.


I tried a few cases, but I guess I'm alert because my smartphone has been hijacked.It doesn't come out easily.Finally, I was able to connect to the man and hear the story.


"How did this happen?"

"I got a message [important news from au], so I thought" What is it? "

"After all, was the screen" System Warning! Scan "?"

"Yes, I think I tapped" Scan "."

"Did you tap it?"

"I think I probably pushed it. I was drunk and I don't remember what but the button I pressed. Anyway, I started to go and the screen began to muzzle and thought that this was bad.I immediately closed the screen ... "

However, it was already late, and his smartphone was hijacked, and the same content was sent to an unspecified number of people as he reached him.


Perhaps, when I told her that an unauthorized app was still installed in the smartphone, he said, "I will see it in the shop."In addition, we recommended that you check whether the fee has been raised more than last month.

Until now, it was common to tap the URL, pretending to be a courier.However, it is probably because many people know the trick.

This time, a major telecommunications company is being delivered and messages are being delivered one after another.

The fraudulent email saying "the amount of usage has exceeded the amount set" is a trap of fraudsters who truly try to exceed the usage amount.

Put up a security warning screen and make it look as if it has been solved.It is a "match pump" mechanism that lights it yourself and turns off the fire yourself.

Because of the smartphone at hand, it is a little trigger, so you can do the operation that you will never usually do, and you can take over your smartphone, so be careful.