YouTube hides the number of low ratings to prevent harassment

By : ilikephone / On : 10/04/2023

Originally, it was supposed to be a tool for visualizing the quality of videos.

How many of you have ever pressed the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons at the bottom of a video? According to YouTube's new policy, only the number of low rating buttons will be hidden. The reason is, after all, anti-harassment measures.


The company revealed a survey result that the frequency of harassment decreased after taking measures to hide the number of low ratings in some videos. It is said that harassment with low ratings was particularly common on new and fledgling channels.



Although the number of low ratings disappears, the button does not disappear. Hiding the number of low ratings has started "gradually" from the other day. Although it is invisible to the user side, it seems that the video distributor can check it from the dashboard.


According to YouTube creator Matt Koval, high and low ratings were originally intended for viewers to determine whether a video was good or bad. However, recently, malicious users have started to use the low rating button to increase the number of low ratings for the reason that the distributor does not like the content of the video, and there have been games and systematic harassment. I am clarifying.

In addition, the company's research found that, on average, the number of low ratings had no effect on the overall number of views, which ultimately did not work as a tool for judging the quality of a video. Also, although it is not visible to the user, it is not possible to confirm that the video distributor is in a state where the number of low ratings can be seen without going to the tab on the dashboard, which causes unnecessary mental stress to the distributor. It is said that it has a structure that makes it difficult to give.

Hearing this news, perhaps this effort was done to erase the embarrassment of the 2018 YouTube Rewind (with 19 million negative reviews)...? Mr. Koval jokes that some people may guess. It seems that it is only for the purpose of consideration for YouTubers.

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