South Korean supermarket opens in downtown Kobe, featuring unusual makgeolli ( - Yahoo! News

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"LEE MART Sannomiya store" to open on January 4 (Chuo-ku, Kobe)

A Korean supermarket in the center of Kobe Open, also unusual ``Makgeolli'' ( - Yahoo! News

The supermarket "LEE MART Sannomiya Store" (operated by Miki / Headquarters: Tennoji-ku, Osaka), which has a wide variety of products such as Korean ingredients, seasonings, and alcohol, opened in January 2022 in Sannomiya, Kobe. Open on the 4th. [Photo] Inside the store “LEE MART” is a Korean supermarket that opened its first store in Koreatown in Tsuruhashi, Osaka in July 2021. It has been bustling with people since its opening, as you can get not only products that are popular in Japan, such as sweets and dried noodles, but also kits and seasonings that make it easy to make Korean food. This time, the second store of the same store opened in Kobe's downtown area "Sannomiya Center Gai". "It's a supermarket where you can enjoy Korean ingredients without going to Tsuruhashi. It's close to the main street and there are many young people, so we plan to set up a wagon sale at the store to sell seasonal products, so feel free to stop by. If you can," said the official.

Several kinds of "Tsuruhashi kimchi" lined up in side dish stores in Koreatown are on standby

Unlike the Tsuruhashi store, there are no Korean side dish shops around the Kobe store. Korean food is also available. In addition, the store is also focusing on the lineup of alcoholic beverages, and there are always more than 8 types of Korean shochu "Jounday" on standby. Among them, there is a “chocolate mint” flavor that is not yet available in Japan, and the traditional Korean alcoholic drink “Makgeolli” has peanuts, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts. In addition, the store sells about 450 directly imported items, including more than 40 types of instant noodles, popular snacks such as "Kobuku chips", and frozen dumplings "Mandu" in Koreatown. "LEE MART" is a place where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of a local supermarket, with neon signs and brightly colored products lined up. Business hours are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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