Yahoo! News Looking back on DoCoMo's smartphones From Japan's first Xperia and Galaxy to original models

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"M1000" sold for corporations.The first smartphone handled by DoCoMo

Yahoo!ニュース ドコモのスマートフォンを振り返る 日本最初のXperiaとGalaxyから独自モデルまで

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of ITmedia Mobile, we have looked back on the terminals of the three major carriers, centering on feature phones. From this time, we will take up smartphones. The first is a DoCoMo smartphone. [Image] Looking back on the "Xperia" and docomo mobile phones released for the first time in Japan The 50x series has become more sophisticated, and FOMA has boosted the spread of 3G. Considering what a smartphone is in the first place, Japan is clear. It is difficult to draw a line. Even with a foldable feature phone, it was possible to exchange emails and display sites for PCs, and apps such as games and maps could be used. By the time smartphones appeared, there were models of feature phones that also supported Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and there was an opinion from that time that feature phones were already smartphones. Even so, like today's smartphones, it is equipped with a large display, you can enter characters by touching the display instead of pushing physical keys, and while operating a web browser or application, you can also talk by touching the terminal to your ear. If you think of the terminal as a smartphone, DoCoMo's first smartphone will be the "M1000" that appeared in 2005. The M1000 is a Motorola corporate device, but it was sold on all channels, including the Docomo Shop, and could be purchased by individuals. The OS is Symbian OS, and the 2.9-inch liquid crystal display is a pressure-sensitive touch panel. It was also equipped with a megapixel camera, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth. Although "i-mode" is not supported, I was able to send and receive POP / IMAP mail, and I was able to browse sites for PCs with Opera 7.5's "Full Browser". In the article at that time, it was described as "FOMA as a PDA". The "hTc Z" (2006) and "F1100" (2008) have appeared as smartphones mainly for corporate use, but from the 2008 winter model, multiple smartphones for consumers have also appeared. From the conventional model numbers such as 90xi and 70xi, the model number rule "XX-00X" (manufacturer name-serial number year in order of release) has been started, and the terminals are "PRIME", "STYLE", "SMART" and "PRO". Classified into 4 categories. Smartphones were developed in the PRO series. HTC's "Touch Pro" "HT-01A" equipped with a QWERTY key and the palm-sized "Touch Diamond" "HT-02A" equipped with a touch panel use Windows Mobile. Sharp's "SH-04A" uses a QWERTY key and a touch panel, but it was a model that supports i-mode, has a mobile phone inside, and has a smartphone shape. In addition, "BlackBerry Bold" was also developed.

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