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A long time ago, the game console was just a machine to play games, but in addition to playing the game with the advances in technology, you can listen to CDs and see DVDs and Blu-ray.Since it became possible to connect to the Internet, it has been used not only as browsing but also as a kind of media terminal.In particular, it is compatible with the recent video distribution services, and many people use the app on each game machine, and many people use the video distribution service as the main game console.

Nintendo Switch has a video distribution service application such as YouTube and Twitch, and many people use it now, but new content has joined!A new future TV "Abema", where you can enjoy the hottest videos at your favorite time, appear on Nintendo Switch!

Original programs and popular programs anytime, anywhere!

Nintendo Switchに「ABEMA」が登場!オリジ...の画像はこちら >>

"Abema" is a live streaming Internet TV service. Apps have already been distributed not only on smartphones, PCs but also on smart TVs and Internet connection devices, so many people may use it? It distributes a number of programs such as popular anime, popular dramas, variety, music programs, news, mahjong, martial arts, and documentary, and is a god service that allows you to watch them for free. Of course, you can watch popular programs, but it is a must -see because the original program that attacks the last minute that you can not do on TV is only available on Amema. The live of popular artists will be exclusively distributed, so I think it will be quite fun, especially during the year -end and New Year holidays. On the 31st, the 5th Momoiro Singing Battle will be distributed!

How to use is a minintendo store or Nintendo Switch's Nintendo E Shop for free download the "Abema" app and start up, and you can use it as soon as you answer your age, gender, and your favorite genre.Honestly, your favorite genre will affect the selection of recommended programs that will be displayed!All you have to do is find your favorite program and see it whenever you want!"Abema" is currently being broadcast and there are program guides to be broadcast, so it's easy to find the program you want to watch.* Internet connection is required to use, and the communication volume is borne by the user.

"Abema" also has a paid plan called "Abema Premium" for 960 yen per month.You can enjoy "Abema" to the fullest, such as being able to see limited paid works, downloading the program you want to watch in advance, and enjoying the program from the beginning during the broadcast.It can be used on Nintendo Switch, but it is necessary to join the "Abema Premium" from a smartphone or PC instead of Nintendo Switch.If you are considering joining, please check the Abema Premium page on the Abema official website.

It will be a free service for basic use, so please download it first and experience its convenience!Please check the official website for "Abema"!

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