Bluetooth compatible creators with dials and cross keys -PC Watch

By : Ilikephone / On : 22/10/2022


TourBox Elite

 The Bluetooth compatible controller "Tourbox Elite" for creators is exhibited on the crowdfunding site Makuake.The minimum investment required to obtain the product is 2980 yen.It is scheduled to be shipped in June.

ダイヤルや十字キー搭載のBluetooth対応クリエイター向けコントローラ - PC Watch

 Tourbox Elite is a creator controller equipped with dials and cross keys.You can intuitively perform brush adjustment, screen rotation, reduction/expansion, timeline control, shortcut operation, etc.

 Compatible with various software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Clip Studio Paint, Premiere Pro, and customizes by users.The tactile feedback function by the motor is also built in.Not only wired but also Bluetooth 5.It also supports 1 connection, supports pairing with two PCs, and can be used by switching the connection destination with a switch.

 The body size is 116 x 101 x 44mm (width x depth x height), and weighs 376g (including battery).