"Chrome OS 94" is in a stable version -Reading function is more human -window forest

By : ilikephone / On : 29/01/2023


Document scanner function for "camera" app

Google、「Chrome OS 94」を安定版としてリリース

 Google has released "Chrome OS 94" on November 14 (local time) as a stable version.In this update, the functions equivalent to "Google Chrome 94" can be used, and "always use safe connection" (HTTPS-FIRST, HTTPS-ONLY) mode.


"Google Chrome 94", which can be used in HTTPS-O only mode, has also launched the official to the 4-week release cycle

「Chrome OS 94」が安定版に ~読み上げ機能がより人間らしく自然に - 窓の杜

 One of the unique new features of "Chrome OS" is the enhancement of the accessibility function "select and read" (select-to-speak).With the improvement of the reading engine, it has become possible to synthesize natural and natural voices than before.

 To use the "Select and read" function, first go to the [Detailed Settings] - [User Auxiliary Function] section of the "Settings" app, and then proceed to the [User Auxiliary Function] screen, and [Select and read ”.Enable the] Options.Next, with the text you want to read in "Chrome", press the [Search] + [S] key.Then the part is surrounded by a purple border, and the audio reading starts.When reading out, the part is highlighted blue, and the playback is controlled and the reading speed can be adjusted with the toolbar displayed under the frame.


 Originally, it is a function for users who have a readable disorder, but it is also a useful function for healthy people.

 In addition, document scanning was supported by the "Camera" app.By switching the app to scan mode and shooting the documents, the contours can be automatically identified and the inclination and brightness can be automatically corrected.The scanned documents can be stored not only as photos but also in PDF format.


 Updates of "Chrome OS" can be done from the [CHROME OS] screen on the "Settings" screen.It is easy to search for "Confirm Update" by pressing the [Everything] button at the bottom right of the screen.