Engadget Logo Engajet Japanese version [Nipogi mini] The world's first!With a mode switching design, a function to maintain a new definition to a PC, your job, play, creativity, and the creativity are about 1/10 of the traditional desktop PC.

By : ilikephone / On : 30/08/2022

■ The world's first!Give a new definition to the PC with a mode switching design

■ The compilation of ability and individuality without doubting the performance and style of Ryzen ™


The era of traditional desktop PCs is over

The era of NIPOGI mini has finally arrived!

An experience that you can concentrate on the work scene or play scene by switching from Silent, AUTO (auto), and Performance mode.

132 for all desktop PCs.9 x 156.1 x 71.A super -compact body of 8mm!Save space with a tower type design.

Equipped with an elegant body with a unique RGB backlight!Color a modern and stylish space with a production like a rainbow color.

■ Built -in AMD Ryzen ™ 5 4500U!Produced the best performance than the company's Vega6 GPU.

■ Latest type 6th generation Wi-Fi and Bluetooth5.0, terrible speed.

■ Up to 64GB memory ・ Supports 2TB SSD!There is plenty of multidasking.

■ With abundant interface, easy high -speed connection to a wide range of devices.

■ Energy saving, fast cooling, quietness, and details!

According to a wide range of needs

Nipogi mini meets all daily needs.Please leave anything such as telework, gaming, video editing.

The innovative NIPOGI mini is equipped with a unique new feature that can be switched to Silent, Auto, and Performance (Performance) mode.Realizes the use rate of CPU and the rotation speed of the fan by switching mode!The environment is prepared and the concentration and efficiency are greatly improved!

In all scenes from Excel's light work to games and video editing, we support the display of mode switching firmly.

Moreover, simply turn the button at the top, the mode switch is completed in one second!

The body of Nipogi mini is 132.9 x 156.1 x 71.With a super -compact design of 8mm, weigh only 581g.Innovative tower design has greatly saved space and expands the degree of freedom in the installation location.

The unique RGB logo, buttons, and rainbow -color backlights color the modern and stylish space.

In addition, RGB Light has four modes of static, breathing, circulation, and rainbow, and beautiful lights shine at the same time in the game world, leading to immersive gaming.

Of course, it is OK to turn off the backlight.

Nipogi mini implements AMD Ryzen ™ 5 4500U.The Zen2 architecture has been adopted, and the performance has been significantly improved by about 30%than the previous generation.By manufacturing with the most advanced 7nm process rule, the circuit is compact and the physical power loss has been reduced while achieving high performance.

The performance of the combination with the company GPU can be fully drawn, the power of Nipogi mini is dynamically shifted, and the performance is improved according to the operation.

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エンガジェット日本版 【NIPOGI mini】世界初!モード切替デザインでPCに新たな定義を与える 集中力を持続させる機能を、あなたの仕事も、遊びも、創造力も生産性アップ 高性能ながらサイズが従来のデスクトップPCの約30分の1

Equipped with HDMI (4K@60Hz), Display (4K@60Hz), Type-C (4K@60Hz) output terminal, you can output 4K screens to up to three displays at the same time.Expansion of multiple workspaces will lead to improved productivity for applications, media display, presentation, etc.

Maximum communication speed 9 for nipogi mini.6Gbps latest WiFi6 (IEEE 802.11AX) Module adopted.Approximately 1 compared to Wi-Fi 5 (11ac).4 times faster.The time required for high -resolution images and data transmission and receiving will be greatly reduced.

Moreover, WiFi6 is more resistant to obstacles than Wi-Fi 5 (11ac) 2.Both 4GHz bands and 5GHz bands, which are vulnerable to obstacles, can be used comfortably even if they are connected according to the radio wave conditions.

Bluetooth 5.It supports 0 and can be connected to various devices.

Nipogi mini housing has a magnetic pace and can be easily removed.There are two types of addition slots inside, and you can add them according to your needs.

• RAM: 2 × SO-DIMMDDR4 (up to 64GB can be added)

• SSD: m.2 2280 NVME/NGFF (up to 2TB can be added)

Nipogi mini is already intuitively and easy to use Windows 10 Pro.You can use it immediately because it arrives at hand.

◎ Windows 11 is also available.

Ultra -compact body, USB3.Equipped with a rich interface of 0 × 3, Type-C × 1, DP × 1, HDMI × 1, Audio × 1, LAN × 1, DC × 1.It is possible to connect to various peripherals and has flexible input and output and expandability.

Also, the conventional USB2.Discard 0, have 3 transfer speeds with 5Gbps USB3.0 The data can be transferred to the nipogi mini that is adopted at a speed of about 10 times.If you want to save a large file or videos on an external hard disk, you can expect a NIPOGI mini that allows you to write and load data at high speed.

The air in the housing is more likely to flow than the combination of a cooling fan and a ventilation hole with a ventilation hole.

The operation sound when the PC is not processing is only 20 dB, and there is only a sound that cannot be heard unless the ears are approached in a quiet place.

Compared to the desktop, it has no extra functions, saving 15%to 30%power consumption than the same performance desktop.

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Q: Did you get a related certificate for the Japanese market?A: I have acquired PSE authentication.Telec authentication is expected to be obtained before shipping.

Q: How long is the warranty period?A: One year from the delivery date.Provided, however, that the warranty shall not be covered in cases due to the intentional or negligence of the customer or a third party (failure and damage due to artificial acts).

Q: Can I replace the memory and storage built into the nipogi mini?A: Can be replaced.

Q: Is the Japanese instruction manual attached?Q: Yes, attached.

Q: Is the installed Windows10 Pro system a Lancense version?Q: Yes, Lancense version.You can use it because it can be delivered.