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By : ilikephone / On : 30/01/2023

Find a hidden shortcut key

 The so -called "shortcut keys" such as [Ctrl] + [C] and [V] are convenient to use with multiple keys at the same time, but they cannot be used unless they are remembered.Apart from them, it is convenient to know that there are shortcut keys assigned to many functions.

 When you press the ALT key, the alphabet is displayed on the tab and buttons.You can access the target function by pressing this alphabet in order.Even if there is no shortcut key assigned to the simultaneous pressing of multiple keys, you can call the function quickly.

Excelの絶対に覚えておきたい定番ショートカットキー - 残業を減らす!Officeテクニック - 窓の杜

 For example, if you call the AVERAGE function that requires the average of the numbers, press the key in the order of [Alt] → [M] → [U] → [A].


 Here are the functions that can be called from the [Auto SUM] button.The last key to be pressed is associated with the function name, so it may be easy to remember.In addition, the SUM function can be entered in the same way, but I think that the [Shift] + [Alt] + [=] key is easier.

 In the "click access toolbar" at the top left of the screen, a shortcut key is assigned to [1] [2] [3] ... and the [Alt] key from the left.[Alt] + Numeric key can be called, so if you have registered frequently used functions, try it.

 Switching cells to edit mode [F2], list of values contained in columns [Alt] + [↓] is also a shortcut key that increases data input.[Save with name] dialog box that can be displayed in [F12] is convenient for saving.Why don't you start learning from a shortcut key that you often use to improve your work?