[Mini review] Japanese basketball takes a big step toward the Olympics. Watch the bright and dark battle on "Basket LIVE" – AV Watch

By : ilikephone / On : 01/10/2022

 Basket LIVE is a service provided by Softbank and Yahoo, with a focus on live broadcasts of domestic basketball, such as the men's professional basketball league B.LEAGUE, streaming to smartphones/tablets. A service for Yahoo! Premium members (462 yen per month), no additional charge is required for premium members. You can watch it on the dedicated website. The supported OS is iOS 9.0 or higher and Android 5.0 or higher.

 Softbank's "Sponavi Live" has been actively distributing basketball videos since the opening of B.LEAGUE, but the service ended in May this year. B.LEAGUE games can now be viewed on DAZN, but apart from this, Softbank will continue to stream B.LEAGUE and other games on Basket LIVE. In addition to the B.LEAGUE B1 (1st division) and B2 (2nd division) league matches, major domestic matches such as the Winter Cup, where high school students are hotly contested, will also be streamed.

[Mini review] Japanese basketball at the Olympics A big step towards the Olympics.Watch the bright and dark match on

Basketball LIVE screen

 To explain the current situation of the Japanese men's basketball team again, it is clear from the above-mentioned ranking that it is quite difficult to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, where only 12 teams can participate in the world. The details of the participation conditions are posted on the website of the Japan Basketball Association (JBA), but currently the Asian qualifiers are being held for participation in the 2019 World Cup. I was watching the above match against Australia at Chiba Port Arena, but how many Japanese people seriously expected victory before the match against the opponent who lost by 24 points in the previous match? I wonder if

Before the match against Australia, the Japanese national team was on the edge of a cliff with 0 wins and 4 losses in the remaining two games. Two powerful players, Rui Hachimura, who is active in , have been newly convened. Australia would have passed the first round even if they lost this match, but the team, which has players who are active in the US NBA, would not have been an opponent that Japan could normally fight and beat.

 Nevertheless, in this match, none of the Japanese players on the court were able to pull back, attacking the goal boldly, clinging to rebounds and loose balls, and defending their own goal without relying on others. There were a lot of points to win, but the important thing was that we won.

 The last hope for the World Cup is the match against Chinese Taipei on July 2nd. In the previous match, there was a difference in the strength of the game at the end of the day, and they lost by 1 point. The game on July 2, which is a must-win for the second qualifying, was held at the home of Chinese Taipei, and since I could not go there, I watched the game in Japan using "Basket LIVE".