10 tips for fully utilizing Pixel 6

By : ilikephone / On : 09/06/2022

Did you get Google Pixel 6 (or Pixel 6 Pro)?

If you don't know the latest features of Google's latest flagship model!In particular, the evolution of AI and camera is supposed to be amazing.This time, we will introduce 10 tips and functions that should be tried immediately, both those who have Pixel 6 and those who are not.

1."Material You" Color Pallet is unified according to the wallpaper

With Android 12, the interface color is changed to a good feeling according to the wallpaper used now.This feature can change the settings from the color of the Pixel 6 home screen> wallpaper and style> wallpaper color.If you do not have a desired color, you can also select "Basic color".

If you scroll down the screen and turn on the "theme icon" switch, the compatible application icon will be unified into the color that matches the wallpaper.Because this function is currently a beta version, it is also charming that the results change each time you try it.

2.Real -time translation at a great speed

"Real -time translation", which can be used for the entire Pixel 6 app, can be used for text messages and videos recorded in foreign languages.Just telling "OK Google, turn on the interpreter mode" will translate the language picked up by the microphone, so it is convenient for traveling abroad or meeting with foreign language speakers.With the Tensor processor mounted on Pixel 6, such processing has been higher than ever.

3.You can take pictures of action bread and long exposure

Pixel 6 has evolved further."Action bread" function that allows you to blur the background while focusing on the moving subject, such as a car or child, and a long shutter speed to blur the elements that move the subject."Shooting is now possible.

To try these features, open the camera app, select "Motion", and select "Action Bread" or "Long -term exposure".In both cases, a simple tutorial that explains how to use that mode is first displayed.

4.Change the color of the display

I think the Pixel 6 display is clean enough from the beginning, but you can also change the color.

If you select "Display" and "Color" from "Settings", you will see three options: "Natural", "Boost" and "Adaptive"."Adaptive" is reproduced in the most vivid colors and maintains color details (this is on by default).

5.Control the power button

Pixel 6 replaces the button on the right side, and if you press and hold the button, it will be a shortcut of Google Assistant instead of the power supply.

But if you don't like this change, you don't have to follow Google.If you want to display the power menu by pressing the right button on the right as before, turn off "Gesture" from "System", "Press and hold the power button"> "Press and hold an assistant".That way, you can change the settings.

6.Check the notification history

You can leave the notification history.Even if you erase or snooze before checking the notification contents properly, you can check again with the notification history.This feature is installed in Pixel 6, but it is not turned on by default, so you need to change the settings.

From "Settings", select "Apps and notifications", "Notification"> "Notification History".From here you can switch on and off the functions, and if you enable the history, you can see the recent notification list.

7.You can immediately see "What is this song?"

One of the best pixel -limited features is "What is this song?"This is something that can be identified what the song is when you have a song like Shazam, even if you don't bother to open or make a request.Thanks to the new TENSOR chip installed from Pixel 6, the song can be determined more quickly.

To confirm that "What is this song?" Is enabled in pixel 6, each setting about this function by opening "Settings and Vibration" and "What is this song?" I can.

8.Security functions are organized in "security hubs"

The Android 12 mounted on Pixel 6 has been summarized as one "security hub" with all security settings and functions.You can check from "Settings" from "Security".All functions are covered, from login by biometric authentication to "search for terminals" tracking functions.

You can select "Google Play Protect" to check if the recently installed application is working without any problems, or to see if it is a suspicious SMS from "Suspicated Message Warning".If some security issues are born, a warning will be displayed.

9.The automatic rotation of the screen is easier to use

I want to see the video sideways, but I want to see Twitter vertically.However, when I went to the sofa or futon, the screen rotated and I often felt stressed.In Pixel 6, a function of using a front camera to detect the face orientation and rotates the screen according to the direction of the smartphone.

From "Settings" to "Display", "Automatic Screen", and "Face Detection" are turned on to use this function.

10.The shortcut of the back double tap can be conveniently customized

Double tap the back of pixel 6 to shoot screenshots, start up Google Assistant, play media, display the list of recent apps, display recent notifications, and launch the selected app.Various shortcuts can be started.I think it is a convenient shortcut to set.

From "Settings", select "System", "Gesture" and "Quick Tap".You can set "Quick Tap on/Off" on the next screen or customize the behavior you want to do with shortcuts.