2in1 with beautiful display and toughness.Acer Chromebook Spin 713 Review

By : ilikephone / On : 18/10/2022

Did Chromebook come here too!

The parent who buys a notebook for children after the Corona's school has jumped with me, and Chromebook has surpassed the share of the Mac.

Before this popular, Chromebook was the impression that it was a mania or a spare thing, but the Acer's latest Chromebook Spin 713 overturns the image.

It is the same Chromebook as Google Pixelbook, which has been used for four years, but is completely different.It is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core i5 for a price of $ 700 (about 78,000 yen).RAM8GB, storage 256GB, many ports.Even the HDMI port connecting the external monitor is attached, and just looking at it is a business note!I understand.Since the contents are Chromebook, there are trading off that Windows PC in the same price range is not available.

Please summarize the impressions you used!

What is this?: 2in1 Chromebook.Equipped with Intel 11th generation CPU.

Price: $ 630 (unknown in Japan).

Favorite place: A lot of ports, 3: 2 big screen is perfect, 360 degrees hinge bends!

I don't like it: Battery holding is usually conservative appearance, trackpad may not last long ...!

There is no blind spot in business use

Gray housing, pure white backlight.The appearance of Chromebook Spin 713 is the workplace PC distributed by the IT director on the first day of the company.It's a notebook made for people who use it hard.It is different from the Google Chromebook, which emits play gokoro, and Samsung's Chromebooks, which sticks to the appearance that is too overkill.It's as if Acer pulled out one of the usual design stock and put a Chrome OS on it.

If you don't mind the sturdy appearance, the Chromebook Spin 713 is a pretty good display.13.The 5 -inch touch screen opens 360 degrees, and the aspect ratio is ideal for the Touch UI of the Chrome OS.Because it is a resolution of 2250 x 1504 pixels, it feels a little out of the standard when taking a screenshot, but it is comfortable when reading or browsing on the Chrome OS.When the video is enlarged to the full screen, the black belt enters the top and bottom, but this is a note on the notebook PC and I was not very bothered.Open the Chromebook and look at "00 -day fiance" and bath time ♡.

美ディスプレイとタフネスを極めた2in1。Acer Chromebook Spin 713レビュー

The test machine is a high -spec that does not seem to be $ 700.The processor is Intel 11th generation Core i5-1135G7 clock frequency 2.4GHz.Maximum frequency 4 when using turbo boost.2GHz (yes, you can enable hyper -reding on Chromebook like Windows).It also supports 8GB of memory, 256GB of storage, Wi-Fi 6 connection.The 720p web camera is on the screen (the reflection of the video conference when it is dark is not the best).The weight is 3 pounds (about 1,360g), which is just a little heavier than PixelBook or PixelBook Go, but is almost the same as Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, which is as high as spec (and highly evaluated).

The port is like a mountain

Look, this port.I hit a small heading unintentionally.Because the Chromebook I used so far was "two USB-C ports and the power outlet ending".In that regard, SPIN 713 is helpful without an adapter.On the left is two USB-C Thunderbolt 4-port + HDMI port + headphone.On the right is the standard USB-A port (connect a mouse with a cable) + microSD card slot (used for external storage), and next to the volume button and power button.Transfer to SLR photos requires an SD card adapter, but that's what you need.Anyway, if you think the port is on the device, it's safe anyway.

I wonder if the touchpad is already a person

Chromebook is light and I like the keyboard very easy to hit.The 78 -key board of the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 78 keys is also a hitting comfort that does not disappoint, and in the input speed test we could input 96 words for 1 minute.When pressing, the key shakes a little, but the satisfaction that is as good as Pixelbook, which has been used heavy until it is worn.It feels good that the backlight shines white, and the hand is bright at night.If you want to say greed, I want the chromebook manufacturer to do your best to do a sea -rou design key.

I wrote "I'll do my best", but the touchpad is not bad either.Simply following the same fate as the Chromebook trackpad you have ever had, dragging you suddenly hit the wall.I don't know why this will happen, but I'm frustrated and connected to the mouse, or open the desktop PC.There were several times I went to the point where I wanted to push.The Chrome OS is a specification that can be operated by touching the screen directly with your finger, and you can immediately know what to do in this case, but if you are new to Chrome OS, you may need to get used to it until you can use the trackpack.

Chromebook Spin 713 is an authentication model of the Intel Evo platform.In other words, it is a showcase model that can be confirmed by touching the performance of Intel's latest processor.However, I can't say anything about the performance on the Chromebook side.Unlike Mac and Windows compatible machines, Chromebook's Chrome OS is originally a Linux -based OS that works on all work on the browser, and there is basically the idea of dare to avoid complicated and load -applying.I can't help.

I couldn't help it, so I narrowed the benchmark to a browser -based one.For example, webXPRT (standard HTML5 and JavaScript -based functions) and CRXPRT 2 (this is also the same test, but we will verify at the Chromebook system level), but both have excellent results, webxPRT is 704., CRXPRT 2 was 160.This is a good score alongside almost all new notebooks tested by the editorial department this year.

I also tested it in Geekbench 5.This is identified as an Android 9 device, so the ranking displays Chromebook and Android devices in a mix.When I manually checked the upper chart compared to the same processor models, the results were equivalent to the mid -range DELL and HP's Windows compatible machines.

Even with the overall impression, Chromebook Spin 713 can do anything to do whatever you do.After transferring 164 RAW & JPEG image files from SD card, it took less than 2 minutes.In the case of Chrome, the storage destination is not a desktop but a "Downloads" folder.The processing of editing 19 RAW & JPEG photos in bulk in Lightroom Mobile is completed in about 8 seconds.

The Chromebook Spin 713 can't be complained, but if you dare get a dissatisfaction, is it sound?A little noisy.The fan sounds enough to make a sound in the smartphone microphone.And the middle of the keyboard gets a little hot.I noticed this when I was editing a short video in tablet mode.

What was more disappointing was the battery test, and when I used it, the Chrome OS would be driven for up to 10 hours, so I thought I would have it for a while, but when I started the benchmark, it would fall to 4 to 5 hours.The editorial department's Chromebook Spin 713 battery test (setting the screen with the brightness of 200 nits and watching video streaming continuously via Wi-Fi) is about six and a half hours.When I thought it would have been a day or two days in standby (because PixelBook is like), I often used it to charge.

The contents are Chrome OS

Although it looks and contents, it looks like a Windows, but the only thing that can be used on Chromebook is the one that is compatible with Chrome OS and the cloud storage provided by Google in the company's ecosystem.It's obvious, but you can't use Windows compatible software.

However, for those who often use notes on the go with Android smartphones, there is also a function unique to Android x Chromebook.The OS of Chromebook Spin 713 tested this time is Chrome OS 91.0.4472.With the latest stable build of 114, the long -awaited Android version of the airdrop "Nearby Share" can be used, and files between Chromebook and Android devices can be shared in an instant, and Pixel smartphone is an union.Lock is also possible.Google Assistant is also a build -in.

Google has also improved the multi -window of Chrome OS.For example, in multitasking, such as editing photos with a text editor, it's hard to go back and forth through windows.In such a case, a convenient "Desks" function is new.In addition, it is a nice additional function that can be played and created with third -party stylus.A quick access was possible next to the status bar.You can see the recently downloaded and open files here.This was convenient, but when the notification came in, I felt a little jumbled.

Kudokudo is a repetition, but since the Chrome OS is different from a complete desktop OS, you can only do the Chrome extension, web application, and compatible Android app.I'm a blogger who has been writing manuscripts in a dark room all the time, so both input, investigations, and photos are cut out in time, but those who do more tasks in everyday work will use only Chrome OS without backup system.Is risky.It may be better not to think from the beginning with this one.

I wrote this to those who are thinking of purchasing Chromebook, and I'm angry that "That's natural!"Well, although there is such a Chrome OS frame, Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is a machine that can be done.Use it for your notebook.2in1 that you can use for a tablet.Moreover, the contents are Intel's latest chip.If you buy this, it will be safe for about two years.The maintenance is easy, the ports are dying, and it is perfect for students looking for a PC that can be used in every scene and nomad workers!I tought.

Google pixelBook go (containing Intel chip a little earlier) is also attractive.Speaking of Chromebook, ASUS is also popular, but we are still waiting for the release of the 11th generation model.