British medical students, black women, and sources the face of the former girlfriend 15 years in prison. The victim appeals to tears.

By : ilikephone / On : 28/01/2023

A 25 -year -old medical student was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his former lover.PEOPLE and others report.

According to a news release by Sasex Police, at around 4:20 pm, local time, a police officer was told that a 24 -year -old woman was thrown in a property in Stain Garden, Brighton.rice field.The victim was acidic on her face, her neck and chest.

According to witnesses, the suspect was wearing a black jacket and was a black woman wearing a transparent corona.The suspect gave a memo to request the victim for money.

However, the investigation revealed that the suspect was a 25 -year -old man, a former boyfriend of the victim.He wore a fat suit and turned into a black woman.

Investigators identified him for hundreds of hours of CCTV in the area and tracking the suspect before and after the crime.The video shows a man who arrived in Brighton by train on the morning of the incident, as well as changing clothes many times in the city after the incident and riding a train to London.

イギリスの医学生、黒人女性に変装して元ガールフレンドの顔に酸をかける 懲役15年の判決 ・・被害者が涙の訴え「襲撃後、私の人生は大きく変わった」

Eventually, the man was arrested at home.When the police searched for his home, he found a handwritten list entitled "Costume 1" from the drawer at the bedside, which contained the same clothing that he wore on the day of the incident.。

The man initially denied the charges, but acknowledged the crime in the Lewis Crown Court.

The affected woman read a statement in court and said, "My life has changed dramatically after this terrible attack."She said she had a surgery to change her appearance five times after being attacked, and it was difficult to see her left eye, close her eyelids, and completely move her neck.

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