Basic knowledge of open cloud [5] Changes in the industry structure brought by SDN/Openflow (1/4): Enterprisezine

By : ilikephone / On : 11/07/2022

Software Defined Networking (SDN) that controls the network with software

 Due to the virtualization of servers and the rapid evolution of the cloud, integrated management and operation automation are progressing, while the network is a conventional hardware device configuration, which has increased and changed networks due to rapid increase or decrease in traffic.It is a major issue, and the concept of "Software Defined Networking (SDN)", which allows you to set network configurations and functions to be programmed with software, is attracting attention.

Openflow to realize SDN

 "Openflow" is positioned as a typical technology that realizes "Software Defined Networking".OpenFlow has established the OpenFlow Switching Consortium, mainly at Stanford University since around 2008, and on March 21, 2011, "Open Networking Foundation (Open Networking Foundation) is" OpenFlow "."ONF)" has been established, and standard specifications are being formulated.

 ONF includes Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, German Telecom, NTT Communications, etc., a board member composed of cloud businesses and cloud operators, including Cisco System, Hewred Packard, IBM, NEC, VMware, etc.As of the moon, more than 100 companies are participating.

オープンクラウドの基礎知識[5]SDN/OpenFlowがもたらす業界構造の変化 (1/4):EnterpriseZine(エンタープライズジン)

 From April 15 to 17, 2013, "Open Networking Summit 2013" will be held in Santa Clara, California, and NTT Communications and NECs are participating from Japan.

 The feature of OpenFlow is that in the existing network, the control plane is integrated and has the function of one network device, whereas OpenFlow is a network route control function (control plane) and packet transfer function (data plain (data plane).) This is the point that is separated.

 OpenFlow is a "OpenFlow Controller", which has the function of controlled planes and the function of managing applications, "OpenFlow Switch", "OpenFlow controller" and "OpenFlow", which performs packets in accordance with instructions from "OpenFlow controller".It consists of three parts: OpenFlow protocol, a standard interface that connects the switch.


 With the advent of SDN/OpenFlow, network devices such as switches and routers are shifting from a vertical integrated type that integrates OS, middleware, and applications to an architecture that separates each function layer and connects with an open interface.。The implementation of the "NORTHBAND API" that can control the SDN/OpenFlow controller by multi -vendor compatible with multi -vendors is also being implemented.

 This allows users and vendors to integrate network devices with different protocols for each manufacturer, and can be quickly and flexible composition management and settings with software according to operating status and operation, and are large -scale and complex.It is also possible to respond to the network with a configuration.Furthermore, it is possible to effectively use data centers resources, such as responding to live migration between data centers without being aware of the network configuration.

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