Do you need daylight saving time? I do not need? | Ireland | Workhorinet

By : ilikephone / On : 03/12/2022

The days are getting shorter and shorter as soon as autumn hits.

From Sunday, October 28th, Ireland and Europe entered winter time. For this reason, the time difference between Japan and Ireland used to be 8 hours, but now it is 9 hours, and it feels like Japan is a little farther away (laughs wryly). In Japan today, there is a heated debate about whether or not to introduce daylight saving time (although this topic comes up regularly), but the European Union is the opposite, saying that "clocks should be advanced to daylight saving time and winter time". We are moving in the direction of “abolishing” “delaying”. After all, when they took a survey of people living in 28 countries that are members of the European Union, 84% of them said they were against the .

Do you need daylight saving time? | Ireland | Workholinet

 If an agreement is reached within the Federation, by the end of next year 2019, this long-lasting system will be abolished, and the so-called or will continue throughout the year. In Europe, which is located at a higher latitude than Japan, and where there are many countries where the hours of sunlight vary greatly between summer and winter, this system was started to make effective use of the hours of sunlight. One of the reasons seems to be that it has become meaningless to set the clock forward or backward by an hour every six months. On the other hand, if the time goes one hour earlier or later, the body clock goes out of order, and quite a few people complain of poor physical condition. I was sick of it! Some people said.

 Even in Europe such as Ireland, there is a history of trial and error in the past regarding summer time and winter time. Every year at the end of March the clocks are moved forward one hour to summer time, and at the end of October clocks are moved back one hour to winter time.The current system dates back to 1972. It seems that he tried to leave it on daylight saving time - something like that. Even so, there is a big difference in sunshine hours in Northern Europe such as Sweden and Norway, and Southern Europe such as Spain and Italy. It may have been impossible to apply the same system within the European Union to all these countries. It's quite difficult.

 I myself don't feel particularly inconvenienced by the adjustment of winter time and summer time, but when it comes to winter time, I feel that "winter" is emphasized even more, and I feel depressed. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I tend to go to the neighborhood pubs as winter approaches (laughs).