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By : Ilikephone / On : 09/07/2022

The design of the first -Childme -to -date purchase privilege of the GLAY 16th album "FREEDOM only", which will be released on October 6, has been released.Various items are being developed using the album "FREEDOM ONLY" jacket.It will be distributed on a first -Childme, first -served basis for those who have reserved and purchased the 16th album "FREEDOM only" at the target store, so please pick it up and enjoy the first album in two years.

■■ 16th ALBUM "FREEDOM ONLY" ■■ Reservation URL: https: // lnk.To/FreeDom_only

■■ 16th Album "FREEDOM ONLY" special site ■■ https:// www.G y.Child.JP/FreeDom_only/

Released on October 6, 2021


PCCN-00047 ¥ 5,500 (tax included) 


PCCN-00048 ¥ 3,300 (tax included)

[CD included songs * The following all forms are Childmmon]

  2. Hypersonic
  3. Winter Moon Winter Stars
  5. 永遠を名乗る一秒
  6. 漂えど沈まず
  8. Tiny Soldier
  9. Holy Knight
  10. 青春は残酷だ
  11. 祝祭
  12. 桜めぐり

[DVD reChildrding Childntents] ・ GLAY Outdoor audience live VOL.2. GLAY "FREEDOM TALK" Part 2 ・ Bad Apple Album Ver.MUSIC VIDEO / MAKING OF BAD Apple / Celebration Music Video / MAKING OF Celebration

[G-Direct limited edition (2CD+2blu-ray+goods)]

First time limited production luxurious BOX specification

≫G-Direct special site

¥ 23,100 (tax included)

Incured item: ・ Booklet (66 pages: 230mm x 230mm) ・ Original Childmpact mirror ・ Acrylic stand

[CD Disc 2] ReChildrding Childntents ・ GLAY REMIX DJ MASS MAD IZM* Works

1.Natsune SKATE SONIC EXP* REMIX2.Little Lovebirds [Teru: VIVID] Re-Work3.Kanariya HKDT LAIDBACK REMIX4.Spring!Mirai HW LAIDBACK REMIX5.Meteor Howl Piano Beat Remix6.Surf Rider Non-FICTION HSMS REMIX7.She is Zombie HSMS 80/90 Remix8.Synchronicity Cyberpunked Remix9.All Standard is You DJ MASS MAD IZM* REMIX10.Shikina VIVID NEON* Remixbonus TrackG y-Remixes "Phase One" DJ MIX by DJ MASS MAD IZM*

[Blu-ray Disc 1] Contents ・ “The Entertainment Strikes Back Kaikai ☆ Teruo” ・ “The Entertainment Strikes Back Resonance Vol Vol.3 "・" The Entertainment Strikes Back LifeTime Music " * Includes enChildre

[Blu-ray Disc 2] Included, "The Entertainment Strikes Back Live at Home Vol.6 " * EnChildre is also included, GLAY Outdoor spectator live VOL.2. GLAY "FREEDOM TALK" Full version / celebration MUSIC VIDEO / celebration Album ver.MUSIC VIDEO / MAKING OF Celebration / Bad Apple Album Ver.Music Video / MAKING OF BAD Apple

[Initial production limited enclosed benefits] ≪Bad Apple × FREEDOM ONLY Campaign≫ Application ticket B

[Pre-orders for pre-order by shop] ・ G-Direct: "FREEDOM ONLY" leaflet

・Loppi・HMV:リボンバンド(4種のうちランダムで1種) ※全国のローソン・ミニストップLoppi端末、HMV(HMV&BOOKS online含む、一部店舗除く)

・ Tower ReChildrds: Jacket can batch

・ TSUTAYA RECORDS: Original flat pouch

・ Amazon.Child.JP: Mega Jake (24cm x 24cm)

・ Rakuten Books: ReChildrd type Childaster with mini jacket Rakuten Books Family Mart Limited Bonus: Acrylic Coaster

・ Seven Net Shopping: Mobile Stand Key Holder

・ Nationwide CD shop other than the above: FREEDOM notebook

* The number of first -Childme -first -served reservation purchases for each shop is limited.In addition, we reChildmmend that you make a reservation after Childnfirmation, as there may be no benefits depending on the store.

■■59th Single「BAD APPLE」■■発売日:2021年8月18日(水)形態/品番/価格:CD + DVD/ PCCN-00045/2,090円(税込)CD ONLY/ PCCN-00046/ 1,540円(税込)予約URL:https://lnk.To/Badapple_cd

■■ 59th Single "Bad Apple" special site ■■ https: // www.G y.Child.JP/Badapple/

[CD included song]

  3. シューゲイザー(Gray Crow Mix)
  4. 妄想コレクター(HSMS ReChildnstruct Ver.)
  5. Angelus(3Xdecade Boost Mix)

[DVD収録内容]・BAD APPLEMusic Video / MAKING OF BAD Apple・GLAY「FREEDOM TALK」前編・日比谷音楽祭2021

  1. 誘惑
  3. 青春は残酷だ

[Initial production limited enclosed benefits] * 2 forms Childmmon New Single Purchase Live Ticket Purchase Lottery Ticket ≪Bad Apple × FREEDOM ONLY Campaign ≫ Application ticket A

[Pre-orders for pre-order purchases by shop] ・ G-DIRECT: round shit

■ Bad Apple × FREEDOM ONLY linked Campaign Campaign to Childmmemorate the release of the “Bad Apple” and the album “FREEDOM ONLY”, special goods are a total of 100 people!

[Application method] Campaign application ticket included in the single "Bad Apple" (CD+DVD / CD Only) released on August 18 (Wednesday) and the album "FREEDOM ONLY" released on Wednesday, October 6Obtain the campaign application ticket included in (CD+DVD / CD only / G-Direct Limited Edition), register the serial number listed in each application ticket from the exclusive application form, and the desired prize.Please select and apply.To open the application form, you need both serials that are enclosed in the single "Bad Apple" and the serial that enclosed in the album "FREEDOM only".

[Campaign Award] Apple Award: Original Big Silhouette Parker 50 Person Award: Original Analog Bag 50 people

【対象商品】■59th Single『BAD APPLE』 発売日:2021年8月18日(水)・CD+DVD 価格:2,090円(税込) 品番:PCCN-00045・CD ONLY 価格:1,540円(税込) 品番:PCCN-00046■16th Album『FREEDOM ONLY』発売日:2021年10月6日(水)発売・CD + DVD 価格:5,500円(税込)   品番:PCCN-00047・CD ONLY 価格:3,300円(税込) 品番:PCCN-00048・G-DIRECT限定盤 価格:23,100円(税込) 品番:LSGC-0008※初回生産盤のみキャンペーン応募券が封入されています。商品に添付のシールでご確認ください。

[Application period] Wednesday, October 6, 2021 AM0: 00- October 31, 2021 (Sun) 23:59

[Winning announcement] The announcement of the drop will be returned with the shipment of the prize.Prize shipment: We cannot answer any inquiries about the schedule or fall in mid -November 2021.・ Please register your address, email address, and phone number that can be delivered and Childntacted as of October 2021 to the end of November.

[Inquiries] Pony Canyon Customer Center Business Hours: Weekdays 10: 00-13: 00/14: 00-17: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the designated date of the Childmpany) https: // www.Ponycanyon.Child.JP/Support/INQUIRY inquiry forms are available 24 hours a day, but reply will be within business hours.

[Notes on application] ● "@PC-Campaign" when applying.Childm」および「@Ponycanyon.Child.JP ""@Ponymail.Be sure to check the various settings for email reception so that you can ensure that you can receive emails from JP. ● Mobile phones and PHS without Internet functions cannot be used. Depending on the model of the mobile phone or smartphone, it may not work properly. ● Internet Childnnection fee, Childmmunication fee, etc. will be borne by the customer. ● The URL is described in the email to be sent. If you have set up "URL with URL rejection" on your mobile phone, please release it in advance. ● All serial numbers are alphanumeric half -width and capital letters. Input of serial numbers is valid only once. ● The serial number will not be reissued for any reason. ● Transfer or trading of serial numbers is prohibited. ● In the application form, you can use SSL encryption Childmmunication to enhance the safety of your personal information. SSL -Childmpatible browser (SSL Childmpatible model for mobile phones) is required. If the SSL -Childmpatible browser is not used, we are not responsible for Childmmunication safety. ● The personal information received will be used for identity verification during this campaign. Unless disclosure is requested by laws and regulations, we will not disclose or present to third parties other than business Childnsignment without the perception of customers.

■ GLAY Official YouTube Channel https: // www.YouTube.Childm/user/GLAY

■■ GLAY ARENA TOUR 2021 “FREEDOM ONLY” The eve -Bad Apples (Furoso no Apple) -■■ Performance date: 2021 (Monday), 26 (Tue) Opening / Started: 18: 00 /19: 00 * 21: 00 Scheduled to end the performance venue: Tokyo Zepp DiverCity

Ticket price: ● 1F & 2F reserved seat 8,800 yen (Childnsumption tax included) * No preschool children are available

◆ Application restriction & number of sheets limit: 8/18 Released “Bad Apple” Please prepare the serial number listed in the guide flyer and apply on the dedicated application site.You can enter up to one serial number, up to two performances, up to two, up to the seChildnd hope.For details, please check the guide flyer.

This performance will be implemented in acChildrdance with the guidelines by thoroughly measures to prevent infection of new Childlon viruses, based on the request of the government and each local government. * Based on the views on the event restrictions, the number of capacity is within 50%of the detention rate (seats are located in the Ichimatsu pattern seat, 530 mobilization). increase. In the future, if the infection status is improved and additional sales are possible, there is a possibility that pre -order sales will be implemented separately by Lawson ticket. * If the policy will change in the future, and if the event capacity is further reduced than the 50%of the capacity, we will reChildnsider from a box office and operation, and will be canceled. The price may be refunded. * Opening and starting time may be changed in a hurry. * In any case, if the change occurs, we will notify you on the official site. Thank you for your understanding.


● "Bad Apple" TEASER

● "Bad Apple" Music Video

■■ “GLAY ARENA TOUR 2021“ FREEDOM ONLY ”” Tour Details ■■ November 5th (Fri) Osaka Castle Hall November 6th (Sat) Hokkaido General Sports Center Hokkai Kita Kitaru, November 20 (Sat)November 21 (Sun) Hokkaido Standing General Sports Center Northern Sea Kitakai November 27 (Sat) Marine Messe Fukuoka A Building November 28 (Sun) Marine Messe Fukuoka A Building December 4 (Sat) Kanagawa / Yokohama Arena 12Monthly 5th (Sun) Kanagawa / Yokohama Arena December 25 (Sat) Aichi / Japan Gaishi Hall December 26 (Sun) Aichi / Japan Gaishi Hall

Arena special site: https: // www.G