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By : ilikephone / On : 13/12/2022

 Therefore, we will establish a "intellectual property wide squad".Seminars are planned for about 100 locations nationwide, introducing practical use of intellectual property and failures, and includes immediately useful content, such as how to use the intellectual property finance and subsidy system.

 It will be implemented in cooperation with relevant ministries and various organizations, mainly the "SME Seminar Working Group".Excavated a new client with the "II Wide Corps" as a foothold.Increase the number of visiting consulting.At the same time, the collaboration with the patent attorney in intellectual property caravan will lead to the expansion of core operations.

 One of the measures to expand the patent attorney's peripheral work, the secret of the technical information using the time stamp, and the "open -closed strategy" including the standardization, etc., will be expanded externally, and to members.I will raise awareness.

On the other hand, in order to enhance useful measures for members, we will expand our training.It is assumed to be a training school and a practical training for exercises for a valid worker who has some practical experience.We will improve our practical skills, including peripheral work.

 On the other hand, he also focuses on strengthening intellectual property dissemination activities and improving patent attorney.Invited a public relations professional to verify the purpose and target of public relations activities.The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will work on the dissemination of intellectual property education through enhancing the learning guidelines in order to promote the dissemination of intellectual property literacy to educational institutions.

 The organization reform of the Japan Bento Attorney Association will continue.From this year, the intellectual property assessment promotion center, the intellectual property management consulting committee, the intellectual property utilization promotion committee, and the Caravan integrated working group will be launched.

 Furthermore, a working group will be launched to establish an organization to manage consultation on medium- to long -term issues that should be continued for multiple years and to utilize the results.We will send useful information regarding issues such as the change in intellectual property policy associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

 In addition, in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in the 20 years, we will consider that the Japan Bento Association can contribute.The company plans to investigate the relationship between public relations and educational activities and examine the case of intellectual property used in competition events and facilities, and inform the relationship between intellectual property and Ori para.In 2019, the 120th anniversary of the patent attorney system will be set.A preparation organization to conduct commemorative projects will be launched.