"Automating the contact to the stakeholders just by moving the card !! I tried using" Trello "for a week" --The story of a small and medium -sized business that introduced a telework in a hurry (34)

By : ilikephone / On : 16/12/2022


 Recently, I often hear stories about teleworking "slowing teamwork".When she was working at a distance she could see her face, she could easily call for a remind, but it was hard to do it through emails and chatting.As a result, an important project was left unattended.

 ...... When I was writing this article, 228 days have passed since the emergency declaration was released nationwide.

 SMEs in Shinjuku, where I work, are currently using them and working at home as much as the staff can do.This time, I would like to introduce the story that I tried "Trello" for the progress management of the project following the previous time.


In April, when an emergency declaration was issued, I started working from home without any preparations at the company where I worked.The work environment was normal for "desktop PC + email", so it was confusing to carry data with external HDDs and divert LINE personal accounts.After that, we introduced NAS and laptops with subsidies, etc., and gradually improved the telework environment ...

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