Started general release of the robot "Pepper" with emotions

By : ilikephone / On : 20/03/2023

Softbankrobotics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "SoftBank Robotics") and SoftBank Co., Ltd. are a reporter briefing on "Pepper" held on June 18, 2015, and the world's first personal robot "Pepper"It was announced that the general sales of "will start on June 20, 2015.At the same time, we also announced a strategy for the robot business to advance the world.

As a robot with your own emotions

"Pepper", which was announced by the SoftBank Group as the world's first emotional recognition personal robot on June 5, 2014, not only recognizes emotions in the past year, but also has its own emotions.It has evolved into an being close to the heart.

The emotions of "Pepper" are generated in the same way as the mechanism of human emotions."Pepper" also defined a simulated brain endocrine based on human facial expressions, words, surrounding conditions, etc., so that people secreted hormones and form emotions for external stimuli received from the five senses.The emotional engine on AI (artificial intelligence) expresses the emotions such as "fun," "happy," "standing," and "loving".The emotions of "Pepper" appear in the color and movement of the graphics displayed on the chest display, and in the demonstration performed at the venue, the negative emotions of "anxiety", "sad", and "scary" when the lighting in the hall is darkened.On the contrary, when it became bigger, when it was brighter, it was changed to "safe", "wake", and "fun".

Masayoshi Son, the national team of SoftBank Group, said, "Some people are negative about giving robots emotions, but I believe that having a heart will be indispensable for people.Our vision is our vision that can understand and interact with people's hearts. We want to make "Pepper" a joy in making people happy. "He described the need to have emotions and the SoftBank Group's mission.The grandchild continued to invest in the Alibaba Group, the Fox Concon Technology Group, to invest in Softbankrobotics Holdings.In the future, three companies with SoftBank Group Co., Ltd. have announced that they will strengthen the system to expand the world of robot businesses, including "Pepper", and aim to spread and develop on a global scale.


"Pepper" started selling general on June 20, 2015.For corporate models, the release of "Pepper for Biz" is scheduled for this fall.In addition, Cocoro SB (Cocoroesby), which is working on the development of cloud AI services at the SoftBank Group, dispatched "Pepper" to a simple fixed task at 1,500 yen per hour as the world's first "robot human resource dispatch service".The service to start is on July 1 in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

"Pepper" sold 1,000 units in 1 minute from the start of sales

At 10:00 am on June 20, 2015, we started accepting "Pepper" for 1,000 units sold in June from the dedicated website, and the scheduled number was reached in one minute and the acceptance was completed.The next sales will be announced on the SoftBankrobotics web page.

(Publication date: July 7, 2015)


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