NSX final model "Type S", equipped with 600 horsepower hybrid ... Acura's strongest ever

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Acura, Honda's overseas luxury car brand, announced the "NSX Type S" (Acura NSX Type S) in the United States on August 13th.

The "Type S", the final model of the current "NSX", advocates a model that can be driven on public roads with the highest performance in NSX history. It boasts better acceleration, sharper cornering and an emotional driving experience than any other electric supercar.

The NSX Type S will be limited to 350 units to celebrate the final year of production of the current NSX. Of these, 300 will be sold in the US market. For Japan, 30 units will be introduced under the Honda brand.

Dedicated tuning of 3.5 liter V6 twin turbo

The NSX Type S is also equipped with a high-efficiency, high-output 3-motor hybrid system, "Sports Hybrid SH-AWD." A total of three motors were laid out, with two motors at the front and one at the rear integrated with the 9-speed dual-clutch transmission. It is an electric 4WD hybrid that uses two independent motors for the left and right front wheels and enables torque vectoring that freely controls the driving force of the four wheels.

In the Type S, a direct-injection 3.5-liter (3493cc) V-type 6-cylinder gasoline twin-turbo engine was specially tuned. A newly developed fuel injection system allows for 25% more gasoline flow. The newly designed intercooler has increased cooling performance by 15%. A new turbocharger shared with the racing car NSX GT3 Evo boosts peak boost pressure by 5.6% from 15.2psi to 16.1psi. As a result, the maximum output of the engine increased by 20hp from 500hp to 520hp, and the maximum torque also increased by 5.2kgm from 56.1kgm to 61.3kgm.

In the entire hybrid system, power reaches 600hp, an increase of 27hp compared to the previous model, and torque reaches 68kgm, an increase of 2.2kgm. The power of 600hp is said to be the strongest among Acura's commercial vehicles so far.

The gear ratio of the Twin Motor Unit (TMU), which powers the front wheels and enables active torque vectoring in corners, has been lowered from 8.050:1 to 10.382:1. This 20% lower gear ratio improves acceleration performance.

In addition, the "intelligent power unit (IPU)" that supplies power to the electric motors has increased efficiency. This results in a 20% increase in usable battery capacity and a 10% increase in battery output. The electric motor of the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system has been retuned for higher capacity and power. All four modes of the Integrated Dynamics System improve performance and extend EV mode range.

◆ 9-speed dual clutch transmission with enhanced acceleration performance

In the Type S, the 9-speed dual-clutch transmission was also specially tuned. The new Rapid Downshift, which works in Sport mode and above, allows the driver to skip multiple gears at once by pressing and holding the downshift paddle. By pressing and holding the paddle for 0.6 seconds, the transmission automatically selects the lowest possible gear to match the vehicle's speed and shortens shift times.

 NSX final model

Acceleration performance has been improved by new programming that engages the clutch up to 50% faster during paddle shift operation in Sport mode and Sport + mode. Without paddle shift in Sport+ mode, the transmission downshifts as soon as the brakes are applied. The aim is to keep the vehicle stable by downshifting on the straight line before the corner, and to sharpen the acceleration from the corner by optimizing the engine speed.

In the Type S, the chassis and suspension were optimized to pursue performance and an emotional connection with the driver. The four modes of the integrated dynamics system have also been retuned to improve performance, with Intake Sound Control (ISC) and Active Sound Control (ASC) reprogrammed to produce a sportier engine sound. was done.

◆ Exterior incorporating racing car know-how

Type S adopts a specially designed exterior. A new front bumper with larger, more angular air intakes and a larger rear diffuser work together to improve high-speed stability. A new carbon fiber front spoiler minimizes aerodynamic lift at the front by directing airflow to the underside of the car.

In order to improve the cooling performance of the engine, the opening of the front grill has been enlarged. A total of four openings, two on each side, have been added to send air to the sub-radiators behind the left and right sides of the front bumper. The outer air intakes also channel air to the sides of the car, working together with the newly designed front corners to form an air curtain. This is said to improve the air flow to the intake port mounted on the side of the intercooler.

At the rear, a large carbon fiber diffuser with the motif of the NSX GT3 Evo racing car is installed. This diffuser features a shape that pursues the flow of air in the central part, and it is said that it creates more downforce.

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