The reason why Masayoshi Son decided to "Sprint merger" -Conet JAPAN with "group strategy" after letting go of management rights

By : ilikephone / On : 18/08/2022

 On May 9, the SoftBank Group announced the 2017 financial results.Sales were 2 year -on -year.9%increased 9,158.7 billion yen, operating income is 27.It increased by 1%to 1,30.3 billion yen, which increased the sales and profits.


 According to Masayoshi Son, President and CEO of the company, who spoke at the financial results briefing held on the same day, one of the factors that increased profits for sales growth was the operating profit of the US Horizen subsidiary.The cost reduction effect has become the largest profit ever in the 119 -year history.Another is that the gains of the SoftBank Vision Fund's investment companies have become more than 300 billion.


 On the other hand, net income has fallen significantly to 1.39 billion yen, down 27%year -on -year.This is due to the fact that the gain on the sale of SUPERCELL and Alibaba shares in the previous fiscal year, as well as the derivative -related loss associated with the sale of Alibaba stocks.Regarding the derivative loss, Mr. Son explained again that it will be recorded as a profit in the future, and emphasized that "if there is no temporary effect, it will grow 226%year -on -year."

 The domestic communication business, the main business of the SoftBank Group, has temporarily reduced operating income due to precedent investment for customer acquisition, but has a significant increase in smartphones in both SoftBank brands and Y -Mobile.It is said that the fixed broadband "SoftBank Hikari" is also growing well.In addition to Yahoo, another domestic main business, profits have declined from the investment in the expansion of e -commerce, but the number of purchasers at "Yahoo! Shopping" will be expanded three times compared to the same period of the previous year.It is said that it is growing well.


 In the future, we will establish a joint venture in Japan with two domestic companies and the investment companies of SoftBank Vision Fund.He explained that using the customer base acquired in precedent investment to carry out domestic businesses on the growth track.

 Regarding ARM, a semiconductor -designed company acquired in 2017, the number of engineers in advance investment is to realize the “Project Trillium”, which is to incorporate SIM and AI into the chipset and to provide 1 trillion IoT chips.It is said that it is increasing rapidly.In addition, he also shows the idea of listing the non -listing after the acquisition again in 5 to 7 years, and said, "It has become a company that makes a higher profit as it has been reborn (after re -listing), and its role is wide.He became deeper, "(Son).

ARMは「Project Trillium」実現のため、現在はエンジニアを大幅に増やしている状況で、5〜7年後に再上場させる考えがあるという

"Strategy strategy" is the decisive factor of the Sprint merger

 In this settlement, Mr. Son spent a particular time explained on April 30, the 4th largest mobile carrier in the United States, and the third-place T-Mobile US corporation (hereinafter, T-Mobile US.) About the merger of).

合併発表時に撮影された、T-Mobile USのジョン・レジャーCEO(左)と、Sprintのマルセロ・クラウレCEO(右)の写真。孫氏曰く「ロックバンドの結成式のようだ」とのこと

 Once in 2017, the negotiations between the two companies ended up being due to the fact that German Telecom, the parent company of T-Mobile US, which surpassed Sprint by the number of contracts, was affected by the management rights after the merger.There is.In contrast, the SoftBank Group's Board of Directors claimed that management rights should not let go of the management rights, and the negotiations have been broken due to the fact that the merger conditions of equal or higher have been obtained.

 However, this time, the SoftBank Group let go of the management rights that were particular about 27..The negotiations were united by judging that 4%of shares will be held.Mr. Son said, "I have an embarrassing feeling" regarding this decision just because I showed my commitment to management rights, but still decides to push the merger even if I lost management rights.It is said that there is a "group strategy" that is launched.

 Since the SoftBank Group has developed the SoftBank Vision Fund, it is a corporate policy of creating a company that has been growing for more than 300 years by investing in the number one company in the industry by investing in the number one company in the industry.It is launched as.Therefore, with regard to SPRINT, the company emphasized that by investing around 30%regardless of management rights, the merger prioritized merger and the size of the US mobile phone market would be the first place in the US mobile phone market.


 While the merger of the two companies, the cost savings of networks and stores will be reduced by integration of the network and stores, while the construction of 5G networks will be generated by integration.Mr. Son, especially Sprint, has 2.He said that the 5GHz band would be an advantage, and he was confident that T-Mobile US had the strongest network.Mr. Son also said, "We aim to be the first place by setting up a great value while giving added value," suggesting that after the merger, we will actively establish price competition.

 And this group strategy is also a major reason for preparing for SoftBank listing.However, Mr. Son clearly denied that the investment ratio to SoftBank, like Sprint, to 30%or less, "that's nothing there is."Japan is the root and strength of the SoftBank Group, and it has an important meaning as a landing point for SoftBank Vision Fund's joint venture, so although it promotes independent profitability, "SoftBank is the core.Having emphasized as (Son).