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Cheap SIM UQ mobile (UQ mobile), which is popular as a sub-brand of major carrier au

UQ mobile is a cheap SIM brand popular for its fast communication speed and extensive support. It is positioned as a sub-brand of au, a major carrier line, and since the line used is also an au line, it provides a more comfortable communication environment than other cheap SIMs.

There are 3 price plans with different amounts of data available per month. It can be said that it is a simple fee structure that is easy to understand for those who contract a cheap SIM for the first time.

>< td>3GB
Price planMonthly fee (tax included)Student discount fee (tax included)Data capacity
Keepover Plan S¥1,628From ¥990 (8 months)
Keepover Plan M¥2,728From ¥990 (12 months)15GB
Keepover Plan L¥3,828From ¥2,090 (12 months) 25GB

*Information as of November 2021.

Both plans use the same line and average communication speed. Only the amount of data and the price are different, so choose according to your usage situation.

Good word of mouth and reputation of UQ mobile

UQ mobile is gaining popularity as a sub-brand of a major carrier, but what are its specific advantages? Let's take a look at the reviews and ratings of users who actually use UQ Mobile.

UQ mobile has a limit on the amount of data that can be used in a month for each plan. Monthly charges are cheaper for plans with less data. However, if you plan with a data volume less than your usage, you will quickly reach the communication limit.

Therefore, it is recommended to use "saving mode". Saving mode is a service that does not reduce the amount of data in exchange for the normal communication speed.

Kurikoshi Plan S has a communication speed of 300 kbps, and Kurikoshi Plan M/L has a communication speed of 1 Mbps, but there is no problem with LINE or e-mail exchanges. Let's make good use of the saving mode and make full use of the plan with a small amount of data.

Tethering is a function that allows you to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi router.

With UQ Mobile, you can use tethering with only the plan fee. With major carrier plans and other cheap SIMs, there may be an optional fee for using tethering, so it is very profitable to use it for free.

However, the more you use tethering, the more data it consumes. Therefore, if you are using a plan with a small amount of data, it may be easier to limit communication due to overuse of tethering.

If you want to use tethering, you should subscribe to a plan with a large amount of data in advance.

On UQ Mobile, "UQ Student Discount" is applied to those under the age of 18, even if they are not students. This is a great service that allows you to use the Carryover Plan at a discounted price. Many services apply student discounts only to those under the age of 18, but with UQ Mobile, discounts can be applied to family members regardless of age.

However, the condition is that you belong to the same group with "UQ Family Discount". With the application of student discounts, if the whole family uses UQ mobile, it may be possible to reduce the cost of smartphones. Let's do a price simulation.

With UQ Mobile, you can pay monthly usage fees by bank transfer. At times, we only accept credit and debit card payments.

However, now you can choose bank transfer, so it is safe for those who do not have a credit card or are hesitant to register their card information.

In addition, if you use bank transfer, once you complete the procedure at a financial institution, the withdrawal will start automatically after that, so it will be convenient without the hassle of transferring money.

Smartphone terminal is required to use cheap SIM. Among cheap SIM brands, even if the plan fee is attractive, there are places where there are few types of terminals handled. Many people would like to choose their favorite terminal from a wide range of choices.

UQ Mobile has a wide variety of terminals among cheap SIM brands. In addition to outdated models, we also handle the latest models of iPhone 12/12 min. In the future, the number of handling terminals will increase one after another.

It may take longer to handle the latest models compared to major carriers. However, there are models that are not handled by major carriers and are handled by UQ mobile, so we recommend checking the lineup before choosing.

Explain how to use iPhone 11 with UQ mobile! Easy-to-understand introduction to how to get a good deal and points to note UQ mobile boasts high popularity among cheap SIMs, but until recently, there were only a few models of the iPhone series ... See details

UQ Mobile has stores nationwide like major carriers. While there are many cheap SIM brands that are only available online, having a store is a major feature of UQ Mobile.

They have stores not only in metropolitan areas, but also all over the country, so be sure to look for a store near you.

Although you can receive various support at the online store, it is better to go to the store if you want to deal with face-to-face procedures or troubles.

At the store, you can receive generous support from the UQ mobile staff. It is very convenient because you can solve your anxiety and doubts on the spot.

At UQ mobile stores, you can receive the following support.

Application for new contract/transfer/repair request/change of contract information/model change, etc.

Even with the regular price plan, it's cheaper than major carriers, but you can get even better deals if you take advantage of the campaign. UQ mobile holds various campaigns from time to time for new subscribers and those who want to switch from other companies.

The content of the campaign varies depending on the campaign, such as a lower monthly plan fee or a lower initial cost. Please check the official website from time to time to see if there are any campaigns that are attractive to you.

To the official website of UQ mobile

Bad reviews and reputation of UQ mobile

UQ mobile has many good reviews and reputations, but there are also bad reviews and reputations on the Internet. No service is perfect for everyone.

I will introduce negative reviews and reputation, so let's grasp this opportunity.

UQ mobile is a cheap SIM brand, so the plan fee is cheaper than major carriers.

However, there are cheap SIM brands that charge cheaper than UQ Mobile. For those who want to keep the usage fee as low as possible, the monthly fee for UQ Mobile may seem high.

However, the difference in monthly fees will be about a few hundred yen at most. There is not much difference between the years.

It is not the lowest price among cheap SIM, but it is considered to be a reasonable price setting because you can receive a fulfilling service.

UQ Mobile offers three plans, each with a different amount of data available each month. You can choose from 3GB, 15GB, and 25GB, but compared to other cheap SIMs and major carriers, there are fewer options.

On the net, there was an opinion that "3GB is too little, but 15GB is too much".

If you exceed the amount of data you can use, communication will be restricted, and if the communication speed drops significantly, it will be stressful. On the other hand, some people may feel that it is a waste if the amount of data is surplus.

If you want a data volume of about 5 to 10 GB, you need to carefully consider which plan to subscribe to with UQ Mobile.

Set discount is a discount on smartphone charges when you contract a smartphone and electricity or home internet line at the same time.

Until now, UQ Mobile has not offered "set discounts" that are often offered by major carriers and other cheap SIMs. However, now UQ mobile is also selling set discounts.

If you take advantage of set discounts, there is a high possibility that your electricity and internet charges will be cheaper than before. Let's check how much the price will change when you apply for UQ mobile.

Many people would like to use tethering, which allows smartphones to serve as Wi-Fi routers.

With UQ mobile, the fact that you can use tethering for free is a big advantage. However, please note that some terminals do not support tethering.

Of course, some terminals are not compatible, so there is no problem if you choose a terminal that can use tethering. When purchasing a device, check to see if it supports tethering.

What is the reputation of UQ Mobile? Introducing people who can recommend UQ mobile based on reviews and ratings! | Beyond

Advantages and disadvantages seen from UQ mobile's reviews and reputation

We found that there were both positive and negative reviews of UQ mobile.

We will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of UQ mobile based on word of mouth and reputation. Take this opportunity to check whether the merits are attractive to you and whether you can tolerate the demerits.

The advantages of UQ mobile are as follows.

Disadvantages of UQ mobile are as follows.

Go to the official website of UQ mobile

Precautions to check before applying for UQ mobile

If UQ mobile is an attractive cheap SIM brand for you, take advantage of the great campaign Apply early.

However, there are some caveats I would like to confirm before applying for UQ Mobile. In order not to regret after applying that "it wasn't supposed to be like this", please apply based on the points to note.

UQ mobile uses au lines for communication. It can be said that it is a rare case among many cheap SIMs that use Docomo lines.

Therefore, please remember that some smartphone devices do not support UQ mobile.

Of course, not all smartphone devices are non-compliant. Whether or not it supports UQ mobile is a point you want to check before applying.

On the UQ mobile official website, you can search for devices whose operation has been confirmed, so be sure to check it when choosing a smartphone device.

In addition to phone calls and emails, many people use LINE as their main means of communication. LINE can also be used with UQ mobile. For those who have a contract with a major carrier, you may think that all functions can be used for granted.

However, please note that the ID search function cannot be used when searching for friends on UQ mobile. Other cheap SIM brands also have similar functional restrictions.

In addition, it does not mean that you cannot search for friends. It is possible to search by “Furu-Furu” or QR code.

With UQ Mobile, the usage fee for tethering is included in the regular plan fee, so no optional fee is required.

This is a nice point for those who want to use tethering. However, some terminals provided by UQ Mobile do not support tethering.

When checking the device information on the official website, be sure to check whether the model supports tethering.

Also, if you purchase a device with UQ Mobile and then switch SIM to another company, tethering may not be available. This is because tethering can be used for free only as a service under the contract with UQ Mobile.

If you are switching to another company, it would be safe to apply after confirming that you can use tethering at the new destination.

People Who Should Use UQ Mobile

Although there are disadvantages and points to note when applying, UQ Mobile, which has various advantages, is recommended for those who are considering using a cheap SIM.

Among them, I will introduce four characteristics of people who are particularly recommended. If there are many items that apply to you, please consider applying positively.

In UQ Mobile, "UQ Student Discount" is applied to those under the age of 18, even if they are not students. This is a value-for-money service that allows you to use the carryover plan at a discounted price.

There are many services where student discounts are only applied to those under the age of 18, but with UQ Mobile, discounts are also applied to family members regardless of age.

Therefore, there is a high possibility that the smartphone charges for the whole family will be cheaper with UQ Mobile than using a service that only applies to the student discount.

Use the price simulation to help you review your household finances.

In addition, UQ Mobile is attractive because it has a full range of services for those under the age of 18. Some services are charged, but there are functions such as "Anshin Filter for UQ mobile," which allows you to restrict browsing, and "Mimamori Service By Family Locator," which provides location information.

With UQ Mobile, even those under the age of 18 will be able to have a smartphone with peace of mind.

For those who have used major carriers so far, it may seem natural to maintain a stable communication speed.

Certainly, major carriers provide their own lines, so you can comfortably use your smartphone in a stable communication environment.

UQ mobile is a cheap SIM, but you can use a stable communication environment like a major carrier, and it is a user-friendly service. Some of the cheap SIMs are cheaper, but the communication is slow or the connection is easy to disconnect.

Such a cheap SIM can be used cheaper than the UQ mobile fee, but for those who want the quality of communication, we recommend using UQ mobile.

Is it true that the communication speed of UQ mobile is fast? We also introduce the cause and solution of word-of-mouth & slowdown! UQ mobile (UQ mobile), which has acquired many users through new contracts and transfers from other companies, is a cheap SIM and ... see details Some are circular. In particular, many of the terminals handled by major carriers are sold in units of tens of thousands of yen.

With UQ Mobile, you can purchase not only a SIM contract but also a terminal. If you want to buy a smartphone terminal cheaply, please check it out.

Certain smartphone terminal models will be campaign prices and may be cheaper than usual. The campaign is not held all the time, so it is a good idea to collect information on the official website as well.

UQ Mobile offers lower smartphone charges than major carriers while maintaining stable communication speeds.

Depending on the plan you choose, if you feel that your current carrier's contract fee is high, you may want to try a UQ mobile fee simulation.

The advantage of using a cheap SIM is that the price can be significantly reduced depending on the plan and options you choose.

Among major carriers, there are many campaigns for switching to au, especially for those who use au, so be sure to check it out.

Procedures and methods for applying to UQ mobile

Even if you try to apply for UQ mobile, many people may feel that the contract procedure is complicated and troublesome. With UQ mobile, you can apply for a new contract or transfer from another company with a simple procedure, so you can rest assured.

The procedure and method for applying are also published on the official website of UQ Mobile, but here we will summarize the important points. Please refer to it and proceed with the procedure smoothly.

First, prepare to apply for UQ Mobile. In particular, if you are considering switching from another company, let's deal with it in advance if it applies.

You can check your MNP reservation number on your carrier's My Page. You can also go to the store and ask the staff to help you.

Obtaining the MNP reservation number itself is easy, but please be aware of the expiration date after obtaining it. Basically, 15 days after acquisition is set as the expiration date.

An expired MNP reservation number cannot be used to apply for UQ mobile, so apply as soon as possible after obtaining it.

Basically, the initial settings are set so that only the SIM card of the company you purchased the device from can be used, so it is often necessary to unlock it.

The SIM card contains important information such as your phone number, and you cannot switch to UQ Mobile while it is locked, so be sure to support it.

You can apply for UQ mobile at the online shop or in-store. Applying online is also recommended for those who don't have time to go to the store or who don't have a store nearby.

On the other hand, if you are worried about plans and options and want to talk directly to the staff, you should visit the store.

What you need for the procedure depends on your current smartphone usage, so check the official website of UQ Mobile and prepare.

The content of the application is the same whether you apply online or in store.

Once you have confirmed the details of your application and the total amount to be paid, if you are online, click "Proceed to checkout" to complete.

If you want to use the campaign, you can check if you have cleared the application conditions at this point. Let's check it to prevent "it was not applied" later.

Whether online or in-store, the device and SIM card will be shipped the next day at the earliest after the procedures and screening are completed.

It may take some time during busy periods, but generally it will be shipped within within a week. A shipping notification will be sent to your registered email address, so please check your email for the estimated arrival time.

Once you receive your device and SIM card, you don't need to do anything complicated. Insert the SIM card into the terminal and follow the on-screen instructions to make the initial settings, and you can start using it right away.

If you want to use the terminal you are using with UQ mobile as it is, you need to set the APN (profile). Basically, Android users need to make settings, but let's check whether other terminals have settings on the official website of UQ Mobile.

In addition, separate settings are required to use the mail service on terminals other than UQ mobile products. Let's deal with it at the stage of initial setting.

This completes the initial settings of the smartphone. Finally, let's proceed with the cashback procedure that can be received in the campaign.

About 4 months after you start using your smartphone, you will receive a cashback information email from UQ mobile. It may take some time after you apply, but please be careful not to miss the email.

Also, let's make sure that the mail from UQ mobile does not go to spam.

Once you receive the email, proceed with the procedure as described. The procedure is simple, but if you do not respond within one month after receiving the email, it will be invalid, so it is safe to respond as soon as you receive the email.

Go to UQ Mobile's official website

Compare other cheap SIMs with UQ Mobile

In addition to UQ Mobile, there are multiple companies that handle cheap SIMs. Let's compare other cheap SIMs and UQ mobile.

By comparing with other cheap SIMs, you can see if UQ mobile suits you. Even if it is the same cheap SIM, there are various features for each service, so please compare them.

The common point between Y!mobile and UQ mobile is that they are both sub-brands of major carriers.

UQ mobile is au, Y!mobile is a sub-brand of SoftBank. Taking advantage of our sub-brand strengths, we also provide unique lines such as au lines and SoftBank lines to cheap SIM users, so you can use a stable communication environment.

The feature of Y!mobile is that it offers special benefits for those who use Yahoo! services. You can receive cashback or point reduction depending on the amount when purchasing at Yahoo! Shopping or PayPay Mall.

What is the reputation of Y!mobile? Thorough commentary on price plans and speed from merits and demerits! When switching to Y!mobile or making a new cheap SIM contract, there are still communication speeds, fees, merits and demerits... See details , It is a company that is attracting attention as the fourth carrier following SoftBank.

Rakuten Mobile's own line can be used in the "Rakuten Area", which is limited to some areas centered on the Tokyo metropolitan area, and other areas are called "Partner Areas".

"Partner Area" users use au lines instead of their own lines. Since you can use the line of a major carrier, you can rest assured that it is a stable communication environment even if it is not your own line.

In addition, Rakuten Mobile is recommended for those who shop at Rakuten Ichiba and frequently use Rakuten cards.

No matter which Rakuten service you use, you will earn Rakuten points according to the amount you pay. The points you collect with UQ Mobile are Ponta points, so you can choose your favorite points.

To the official site of Rakuten Mobile What is the reputation of Rakuten Mobile? A thorough explanation of the merits and demerits of Rakuten Mobile as seen from real reviews and evaluations! "What are the reactions of actual users, such as reviews and reputations of Rakuten Mobile?" It is a cheap SIM.

Like UQ mobile, it uses au lines, so it has a good reputation for a stable communication environment. It's great that you don't feel the stress of "slow communication speed" or "poor connection".

mineo is recommended for those who want to keep their monthly smartphone bills low. There are plans with different amounts of data that can be used per month, and the smallest amount of data is 1 GB.

UQ Mobile's minimum data volume is 3GB, so if you have no problem with less data volume, please consider it.


We introduced the reputation of UQ Mobile with reference to word of mouth.

There are both positive and negative reputations, but what is important when choosing a cheap SIM is to clarify your own conditions and priorities.

In general, it may not be a concern for you, even if it is a disadvantage.

We also introduced the characteristics of those who recommend UQ Mobile. Please refer to it so that you can apply for the SIM that suits you while comparing it with other cheap SIMs.

To the official website of UQ mobile
Reference: UQ mobile official website