-OPPO, Sleep monitoring Smart watch "OPPO Watch Free" released today

By : ilikephone / On : 19/06/2022

2021年12月10日 06:40

Oga Japan will release the smartwatch "Oppo Watch Free" from the "OPPO" brand today on December 10.

A smart watch with a sleep monitoring function as a health management function.The sleeping monitoring function is said to support sleep in three stages before bedtime, sleeping, and waking up by connecting to the dedicated health management application "Heytap Health".

During sleep, monitoring heart rate and REM sleep, also equipped with snoring monitoring (not iOS compatible) and real -time blood oxygen level measurement function.Before going to bed, in addition to notifying the setting time, you can also set a reminder to go to bed if it is late at night.

The display part adopts a 1.64 -inch organic EL display, and can display up to 108 characters.It is also possible to set up more than 40 dials, set the photo on hand on the dial, or design the original dial with the light paint function (not compatible with iOS).

The main specifications are about 1.64 -inch organic EL (280 x 456 dots, 326 ppi) for about 1.64 -inch display, about 75 minutes, battery -driving time is up to 14 days.Equipped with a silicone strap.

The body size is about 46 (width) x 29.7 (height) x 10.6 (depth) mm, and weighs about 20.9g (about 32.6 g of straps).The body color is black and vanilla.

The price is 9,980 yen.


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