Japan's first smart TV equipped with Amazon Fire TV, sold exclusively by Yamada Denki and Amazon.co.jp

By : ilikephone / On : 26/08/2022


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Smart TV with Amazon Fire TV

Japan's first Amazon Fire TV installed Smart TV, exclusively sold at Yamada Denki and Amazon.co.jp

On February 17th, Amazon Japan and Yamada Holdings (Yamada HD) launched the first smart TV in Japan equipped with Amazon Fire TV "FUNAI Fire TV Smart TV" from the "FUNAI" brand, which the Yamada HD Group has exclusive sales rights. "announced. Pre-order sales will start on Amazon.co.jp from Yamada Denki on February 17th, and sales will begin on March 5th at Yamada HD group stores nationwide and Yamada Webcom. Amazon Fire TV-equipped smart TVs are LCD TVs jointly developed by Amazon, Amazon.co.jp, and Yamada HD, with a lineup of 43/54/55-inch 4K compatible and 32-inch non-4K compatible LCD TVs. All models support recording with an external HDD, and are equipped with HDMI 3 ports, USB 2 ports, Optical 1 port, Wi-Fi function compatible with 5 GHz, etc. Equipped with Amazon's streaming media player "Fire TV", you can not only watch terrestrial, BS / CS, 4K TV broadcasts, but also Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, TVer, Disney Plus, ABEMA, DAZN. Streaming videos can be viewed seamlessly using voice or Amazon Alexa-equipped remote control. In addition, pairing with the corresponding Echo series terminal is required for hands-free voice operation without using the attached remote control. You can create profiles for up to 6 family members, and you can easily play back the content that each member was watching, add channels to your favorites, and add them to your watchlist. Since it is equipped with Fire TV, you can use Alexa skills to use various services that are convenient for your life, and you can also display and operate cameras, lighting, security systems, etc. connected to your smart TV. To commemorate the release, if you pre-order at Amazon.co.jp's Yamada Denki by 23:59 on March 4, the 43-inch "FL-43UF340" costs 76,780 yen and the 50-inch "FL-50UF340". is 87,780 yen, and the 55-inch "FL-55UF340" is discounted to 109,780 yen. The regular price is 54,780 yen for the 32-inch FL-32UF340, 109,780 yen for the 43-inch FL-43UF340, 120,780 yen for the 50-inch FL-50UF340, and 120,780 yen for the 55-inch FL-43UF340. FL-55UF340" is 142,780 yen. Only the 32-inch model is scheduled to go on sale at the end of April. Fire TV features require an Amazon account.

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