"Magic Remodeling Night" A sense of unity between rivals was born in front of the most difficult mission in the past (TV on January 22)

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"Kinou no TV" is a series of TV kid writer "Terbi no Kima" records the programs he watched yesterday.It has been updated every day since 2020.[Related] "Magic Remodeling Night" that each company showed in "Baby dolls climbing"

■ The fourth mission of "Demon Remodeling Night" is "DVD Player bowling". Take out the DVD disk from the player, skip it, and defeat 10 pins 25m away. Moreover, the video and audio of the DVD must be played for 30 seconds. In other words, the mission that seems to be the most difficult in the past, which remodeled the function as a DVD player. The challenge of this is the metal -processed professional, the so -called town factory, the Soyo Seisakusho, the world's world -renowned manufacturer, and the world's leading automotive parts manufacturer, D Nusaw. The S -Yo Seisakusho made a bogan type. The name is "Hulk Bogan". R Ko is a unique and smart design "0 series" with a double roller that uses a double roller that uses a function to send the paper of the copy machine. thing. Looking at it, the other teams have tried and errored many times, such as "cool, likely to be rigid", "rotation, double roller", "I feel curved". It is good every time to ask the features and weaknesses of the product. The first throw of S Yang is slightly off. Once the aim is gaped, the calculation is 44cm. Therefore, it does not hit just once. Based on that, I fine -tuned, but the second throw is also Gata. R CO also has two throws, and it is heavy air that cannot be defeated by one pin. The first throw is Gata. Here, D Nusaw chooses the second throw without making fine adjustments, judging that it is within the scope of variations, as other teams make fine adjustments. Since it is not a vacuum space, the flow of air is different at that moment. The disc will be slightly different one by one. So it's probably because I'm confident that some variations will come out even if I go at the same angle. Ijuin, a commentator, commented, "I can only throw one throw in a way, even though I can only throw four. It seemed that this decision would work, but it was delicate again, and as a result, the first frame was in a team gata. It is interesting that the phenomenon of regret when other team members come off around here. In the second frame, S Yang, the first throw was out of the first throw, and the president said to the leader who was wondering how to fine -tune it. I'm numb. And the second throw, finally hit and six collapsed. Not only S Yang, but also the people of R co -and D -nowas are guts poses all at once. It gets hot with this sense of unity. Unfortunately, R CO is a two -throw Gata. And my favorite D Nusaw. After removing the first throw, the members who have been calm and calm for the first time are upset. Then, make a decision to make a big adjustment here. Finally, at the end, the DVD is not easy to play, but if it is managed, it will be a dramatic result. This was a stupid and hot battle called "Demon Remodeling Night". ■ "Girodillo Ariyoshi" Yoshiko, a former Self -Defense Force, challenges the "action shooting" to compete how fast the specified target is avoided and avoiding obstacles. Yasuko, who is still trained once every few months as a direct reserve SDF, is from a part of the viewer, "Please do not claim a former Self -Defense Force" and "Take off your camouflage clothing". It is sometimes said. "I want to be an entertainer who fails, crying, and impatient, is a bit unreliable, and shows a cool figure here and a trusted entertainer." , I practice while practicing while making my own course. Ariyoshi says, "I like a veteran detective in Hong Kong." The goal is to cut less than 20 seconds. Yoshiko's time is 13.31 seconds. And there is no penalty. It is said that it is a level that can be aimed at the top in the tournament. The appearance of shooting the gun and the feeling of stopping with the pissic pisses were decided, so it was cool. ■ "pacific saury's comedy improvement committee" Yoshiko appears as a marriage partner recommended by Zabungle Kato to Koji Imada. Her camouflage pattern kimono is cool. She appealed, "I want to be Imada's Pepper," and Yoshiko, who is a "courtship", appeals, "She is a SDF, so I can protect anything to Mr. Imada." The development that seems to be a "improvement committee" that becomes a couple comic artist. On the way, she was shaken on the team saying, "Fujimon is also single," and it was interesting that the connection between Fujimon and Yoshiko, saying, "If you get involved with Fujimon, there's nothing wrong with it." When Fujimon talks, she holds her ears and says "Wow" and blocks her. ■ I want to watch tomorrow: Shota Matsuda, Kanna Hashimoto, etc. "THE Feeling Feeling" (TBS) "Discomfort Challenge! The 4th Drift" "Complete Feeling". Shota Matsuda and Kanna Hashimoto in "Shakuri 007" (Nippon Television). "Geki Rare -san" (Tele Asahi) "People who have not been able to control their longing since they were children, were modified with light tigers and made super -luxury supercars by hand." A person doing business. " "Soudori" (TBS) Rubber Girl vs Sophie vs Gold. "Ignut !!" (Tele Asahi) The second part of the "Kobuta 3 Kobuta", "Financial Championship". "Togeyaritogenaco Getoge" (TV Asahi) "Night to update old play". "Junior high school goods! (TV Asahi) "The first program goods will be released". Ai Hashimoto in "Session" (E -Tele). Dean Fujioka in "Tetsuko's Room" (TV Asahi).

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