AWS will support all steps of invention and recurrence-- AWS Andy Jesse CEO -Cloud Watch

By : ilikephone / On : 20/10/2022

 The Amazon Web Services (AWS) annual event "AWS Re: Invent" is being held online from November 30, 2020 to December 18, 2021 from January 12 to January 14, 2021.

 During the exhibition, AWS's keynote speech by Andy Jessie CEO, on -demand distribution of lectures by the company's executive, explanations by AWS experts, introduction of customer cases, and more than 500 technical sessions.

 Re: INVENT has announced a number of new features and new services every year, but even in the online holding, it has not changed, and Jesse CEO's three -hour keynote speech held on December 2, Japan time.When introducing new functions and new services, 27 new services were announced, using the word "becoming a game changer" many times.It is said that 43 new features and new services were announced on this day alone.

 At the beginning of the keynote speech, AWS's Andy Jesse CEO, "This year's ninth year's Re: INVENT will be registered in advance, and will be registered this week, and 500,000 people will be registered.I couldn't get to Las Vegas, but the period was not one week, but three weeks, and on -demand distribution would no longer be unable to participate in session time. It's a place for education and learning.No, "he said.


 "The growth rate is based on the number of sales of AWS, up to $ 46 billion until the third quarter of 2020, while sales in the third quarter were 29 % year -on -year.However, AWS will increase $ 10 billion annually if you look at the run rate. There is no growth in the cloud industry. AWS has grown so much. "Check out Microsoft that exceeds.

 "AWS has become $ 10 billion in 123 months, but it has been $ 20 billion in 23 months, from a company of $ 30 billion in 13 months to $ 40 billion in 12 months.It became. "

 "AWS boasts the 5th place sales of enterprise IT companies and is higher than SAP and Oracle. It is 45 % in PaaS market share, which is more than twice the difference.Currently, only 4 % of the clouds in corporate IT expenditures will be transitioned to the cloud in the next 10 or 20 years. AWS has room for growth.The number of companies who decide to shift to the cloud due to the corona evil has increased, and the migration to the cloud has accelerated for several years. "

 "Reinvent is required to continue for many years while succeeding. Reinvention after business performance is only a bet. In that situation, you cannot get a loan under good conditions.The invention must always be made. The important thing is to have a culture for reinvention, and there are eight points. "

 Here, "the will of leadership", "recognition that it cannot fight gravity", "Hungry human resources for inventions", "solving customer issues with developers", "the most wide and most dense, the highest dense.Use a platform equipped with a tool set. "

 "Many people think that creating new products and services and reconsidering the existing concept is different, but that is different. What are the customers looking for and what they feel? It is a reed invention to seek the truth, such as what works and what's going on, and needs people who can take a step forward to reconstruct for customers, and those who can fight internal opposition. It is important to focus on solving customer issues. It requires speed, so it can have a sense of crisis. And speedy enemies are complex and eliminate complexity. It is necessary. In addition, it is important for the organization to promote the recurring with bold top -down goal settings. It is not a technology but a leadership, not technology. " did.